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        3D Scanner

        Color 3D scanner

        Calibry (color 3D scanner)

        Calibry handheld 3D scanner is lightweight and easy to carry, with fast scanning speed, 30 frames per second, up to 3 million points, wide scanning range, powerful development software, specially equipped camera, three tracking modes, breakthrough scanning objects Too small, smooth surface, difficult to scan or surface treatment, easy to scan sharp edges, black and shiny objects, almost unlimited object size, can scan any object, it is very convenient, high efficiency, high precision scanner.

        Training services

        Hualang 3D has excellent 3D design and training team. The designers have many years of practical experience in the fields of reverse engineering, mold design and manufacturing. The training services provided by Hualang 3D include:

        1. 3D scanner usage training:

        Provide training in the use of 3D scanners, including installation, commissioning, practical operation and routine maintenance, so that the trained personnel can master the specific use of the 3D scanner.

        2. Reverse engineering design training:

        Provide medium and advanced training including professional 3D design software such as Imageware, Pro/E, UG, Geomagic, SolidWorks, etc., so that 3D designers can be proficient in practical work.

        Maintenance services

        repair service  

        · During the warranty period of the equipment, if the equipment damage caused by our quality reasons, we will maintain it free of charge; if it is caused by the quality of our equipment, our company is responsible for maintenance and the expenses are negotiated by both parties.

        ·We provide lifetime maintenance of the products. The products are out of warranty. Our company still provides technical services and the fees are negotiated by both parties.

        consultation service

        ·Our company provides 7x24 hour customer service hotline: 0755-86586007 86586285

        ·Users can contact us in a variety of ways, and our company provides free consulting services.
        Service plan

        · Our company will keep in touch with users and solve problems in time. If the equipment fails to be solved by the user, our company will send professional technical staff to the site to solve the problem.

        Follow us: 

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