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        3D Scanner

        Handheld 3D scanner


        HOLON380 adopts the latest hand-held design, light weight (870g), easy to carry; that is, take it out; 6 + 1 red laser line, flexible and convenient operation process, suitable for various complex application scenarios.

        Product parameters

        Product number HOLON380
        weight 0.87 KG
        size 60×145×307 mm
        Measuring speed 205,000 measurements/second
        Scanning area 275 mm × 250 mm
        light source 6 laser lines (+ extra 1 laser line)
        Laser safety level II (human eye safety)
        Resolution 0.050 mm
        Stitching method Marking point automatic stitching
        Data accuracy Up to 0.03 mm
        Reference distance 300 mm
        Scan depth of field 270 mm
        Scanning range (recommended) 0.1 – 10 meters (expandable)
        Volume accuracy 0.02+0.06 mm/m

        Volume accuracy

        (combined with HL-3DP)

        0.02+0.025 mm/m
        Output format .stl, .obj., .ply, .txt, .asc, .dae, .x3d., .x3dz, .fbx, .ma, .zpr, .wrl, etc., can be customized
        output method  USB 3.0
        power supply AC (110 - 240 V)
        Operating temperature -10~+40 ℃
        Operating humidity range (non-condensing)  10~90 %
        Compatible software 3DSystem (Geomagic Solutions), lnnovMetric Software (polyWorks), Dassault Systemes (CATIA V5 and SolidWorks), PTC (pro/ENGINEER), Siemens (NX and Solid Edge), Autodesk (lnvebtor, Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage), Rhino et al.
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