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        3D Scanner

        Color 3D scanner

        Calibry (color 3D scanner)

        Calibry handheld 3D scanner is lightweight and easy to carry, with fast scanning speed, 30 frames per second, up to 3 million points, wide scanning range, powerful development software, specially equipped camera, three tracking modes, breakthrough scanning objects Too small, smooth surface, difficult to scan or surface treatment, easy to scan sharp edges, black and shiny objects, almost unlimited object size, can scan any object, it is very convenient, high efficiency, high precision scanner.

        The special instrument box for 3D scanner is made of special air box material, and the box body is designed according to the conditions of X-scan instrument equipment size, weight and shock absorption. The outer part of the box is made of a relatively hard multi-layer plywood with ABS fireproof board attached, and the box body has strong bearing capacity and wear resistance; the instrument box has light weight, heat preservation, shockproof, moisture proof, flameproof, anti-oxidation and sealing functions. The advantages of maneuverability and so on are all obvious, the box is beautiful, safe and reliable, convenient and maneuverable, excellent in sealing and strong in firmness.

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