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        3D Scanner

        Robot automatic 3D detection

        Robot automatic 3D detection

        The automatic three-dimensional on-line detection system uses three-dimensional software measurement technology to real-time detection and data feedback through the equipment directly installed on the production line, so as to better guide the production of products, reduce unnecessary losses, save time and production costs, and greatly improve production efficiency.

        Product Features


        Automated three-dimensional on-line detection system obtains the outline data of products by optical non-contact scanning with laser sensors. Through three-dimensional on-line detection, it can also easily realize the screening of defective products and the sorting of product types. It is like adding a pair of eyes to the production line and the mechanical arm to improve the production efficiency of products. And pass rate.


        Product characteristics:

        1. operation performance safety: human-machine cooperation robot, without barrier, simple and convenient operation.

        2. full automatic scanning: one button can complete the whole process from 3D scanning to generating test report.

        3. high data accuracy: precision up to 0.015mm, strong resistance to environmental interference.

        4. Blue-light scanning technology: Blue-light three-dimensional scanning technology is used in three-dimensional online detection system, which can effectively prevent metal reflection and help to improve the scanning quality.

        5. Full-scale 3-D inspection: 3-D scanning obtains complete point cloud data of workpiece, which makes full-scale inspection possible.

        6. Pipeline batch automatic detection: automatic three-dimensional online inspection of Hualang three-dimensional robot can complete batch automatic detection after one programming of the same workpiece.

        Industry application

        Product parameters

        Product model

        3d online detection system

        Scanning mode
        Non contact 3d scanning (photo 3D scanning)
        Projection and grating technology
        Micro structured light projection (optional: Blu ray / white light)

        Calibration technique

        Ring coding calibration (13 steps)

        Single scan range(mm)

        Independent mode



        Regulation mode



        Single measurement accuracy(mm)


        Single scan time(S)

        Splicing method

        Automatic intelligent stitching

        Range of scanned objects(mm)


        Average sampling distance(mm)


        Industrial 3D Photogrammetry

        Support for industrial 3D photogrammetry, mosaic engineering, coordinate point file import

        Industrial camera

        Resolution (pixel)

        1 million 310 thousand pixels (optional 2 million, 3 million or 5 million pixels depending on customer needs)

        Camera angle (degree)

        18 degrees, 27 degrees, 32.5 degrees


        Industrial lens(mm)

        8,12,16,25,35(According to type configuration)

        Calibration unit
        Metal / glass

        Industrial operation console

        Mobile operation rack

        Data output format


        Light source and energy(W)

        Standard 100 W halogen lamp 50 W LED high energy LED (white); high energy lamp (250 W halogen lamp HPL)

        Field of application

        Mold, sculpture, bathroom, sculpture, toy doll, 3D printing, small parts, etc., reverse engineering.

        Working temperature and power supply

        -10℃~50℃、100~240V AC

        Scanning device

        System size(mm)


        System weight(kg)



        • Heavy mobile operation platform

          The heavy-duty mobile platform has excellent mobility and can be fixed at any time in more complex terrain. The height is flexible and the platform has the characteristics of omni-directional adjustment. The pallet can be placed on the platform, and computers and other accessories can be placed.

        Training services

        Holon 3D have excellent three-dimensional design and training team, designers with years 

        experience in many areas, especially in reverse engineering, mold design and manufacturing, etc

        We provide training services include:


        How to use 3D scanner:

        We offer the use of 3D scanner training, including installation, commissioning, operation and 

        daily maintenance etc.


        The reverse engineering design training:

        Including Imageware, Pro/E, UG, Geomagic, SolidWorks and other professional 3 d design software

        of intermediate or advanced training, make the 3 d design personnel can skilled application in 

        the practical work.

        Maintenance services

        Maintenance services

        Equipment warranty period, if the equipment damage caused by our quality, we free maintenance;

        If not,our company is responsible for the maintenance , but cost consultation by both parties.

        We provide product life-long maintenance, if outside the product warranty, we still provide 

        technical service, and cost consultation by both parties.


        Consulting services

        Our company provide 7 x24 hours customer service hotline:0755-86586007 86586285 

        The user can through a variety of ways get in touch with us, we will provide free advisory 



        Service plan

        Our company will keep in touch with users regularly, in a timely manner to solve the problem.

        If the device fails, and the user can not solve,our company will send professional technology 

        personnel to the scene to solve.

        After-sales service process

        Contact Holon

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        Fax Number: 86-0755-86586285-769

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        24 hours hotline: 86-0755-86586007 86586285

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