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        3D Scanner

        Desktop 3D scanner


        Desktop multifunction 3d scanner (T-SCAN)

        T-SCAN is the first high-precision line Laser Desktop 3D scanner in the world. It can scan freely and automatically. It has the characteristics of fast scanning speed and high precision of scanning data. T-SCAN desktop 3D scanner is accompanied by HOLON 3D software, which is a self-developed and manufactured 3D data acquisition software with independent software intellectual property rights.

        Product Features


        T-SCAN adopts laser 3D scanning technology, which is safe and reliable. The scanning software is simple and easy to use, and outputs the complete STL model, which can seamlessly connect 3D printers. With the advent of T-SCAN, everyone can become a 3D model designer.

        Product characteristics:

        1.high accuracy: the scanning accuracy is within 0.1mm, compared with the laser scanning technology, the fineness is higher.

        2.fast scan: line laser scanning, color camera, single scan is less than or equal to 5 seconds.

        3.laser scanning: stronger ability to resist environmental interference.

        4.portable: gross weight 2kg, lightweight and portable.

        5.Connect with 3D printing: After scanning, STL data can be output directly for 3D printing, seamless connection.

        6.high performance price ratio: consumer level, quasi industrial performance.

        Related cases

        Product parameters

        Product model


        Application direction

        3d fast scanning; 3d color scanning

        Scanning mode

        Remote driving laser scanning work

        Scanning mode

        Contactless line laser scanning

        Single scan


        Resolving power

        0.2 - 0.4mm(Repeatable scanning)

        Scanning precision


        Scanning speed



        No calibration is required.

        Output file format


        Camera parameters

         Color camera


         No sign point splicing

        Working light

        No strict requirements for lighting

        Power Supply

          Alternating current(110 - 240V)

        Working temperature

           -10 - +40 °C

        Operating system


        Application industry

        3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Mold Scanning, Rapid Modeling, Crafts, Stone Carving, Wood Carving, Underwear Shoe Mould, etc.


        • Special calibration board

          Advanced graphics coding algorithm can be compatible with most image processing algorithms. The calibration plate of glass substrate is widely used in transmission vision measurement system. It has the characteristics of small thermal expansion coefficient, high precision, high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

        • One button remote controller

          T-SCAN remote controller of the three-dimensional scanner is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, simple to use, and does not need to move the operating equipment manually, so it really realizes one-button three-dimensional scanning.

        Training services

        Holon 3D have excellent three-dimensional design and training team, designers with years 

        experience in many areas, especially in reverse engineering, mold design and manufacturing, etc

        We provide training services include:


        How to use 3D scanner:

        We offer the use of 3D scanner training, including installation, commissioning, operation and 

        daily maintenance etc.


        The reverse engineering design training:

        Including Imageware, Pro/E, UG, Geomagic, SolidWorks and other professional 3 d design software

        of intermediate or advanced training, make the 3 d design personnel can skilled application in 

        the practical work.

        Maintenance services

        Maintenance services

        Equipment warranty period, if the equipment damage caused by our quality, we free maintenance;

        If not,our company is responsible for the maintenance , but cost consultation by both parties.

        We provide product life-long maintenance, if outside the product warranty, we still provide 

        technical service, and cost consultation by both parties.


        Consulting services

        Our company provide 7 x24 hours customer service hotline:0755-86586007 86586285 

        The user can through a variety of ways get in touch with us, we will provide free advisory 



        Service plan

        Our company will keep in touch with users regularly, in a timely manner to solve the problem.

        If the device fails, and the user can not solve,our company will send professional technology 

        personnel to the scene to solve.

        After-sales service process

        Contact Holon

        Address: 2101-2119#,No.98 Building 2,ChuangYe Road,NanShan District,ShenZhen.Zip Code : 518054

        Phone Number: 86-0755-86586007 86586285 86701825 86701826

        Fax Number: 86-0755-86586285-769

        Website: www.navalrosal.com www.3dscanline.com www.holon3d.com

        24 hours hotline: 86-0755-86586007 86586285

        Follow us: 

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