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        Rise of Hua Lang comes from people-oriented, incentives and rewards for dedication and smiles, so that our young team from the fusion and create value;Glory of Hua Lang stand honest Lixin, seen to encourage trust and recognition and honor, shared success in collaboration with our customers.
        Candidates send resume to email
        service@holon3d.Com can be!

        Recruitment requirements:

        1, sex women, aged 20-30 years of age
        2, familiar with the sales work, have good professional qualities;
        3, strong adaptability and better language skills;
        4, good stress tolerance and team spirit;
        5, are familiar with the use of Office software preferred;
        6, there is a certain amount of sales experience;

        Job description:

        1, is responsible for collecting, collating, summed up the market, prepared analyses;
        2, responsible for promotion of company products on the Internet;
        3, accurately handle front desk sales consulting, calls on all relevant systems of records;
        4, responsible for order tracking and other sales-related operations.

        The number of recruits:5

        To apply for this position
        Name: Age: Interview position:
        Current place of residence: Academic qualifications:    
        Graduate school: Professional: Graduation time:
        phone: E-mail: QQ:
        Salary expectations: Specialist:
        Learning experiences:
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