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        Technical support

        Pro/E software


        As a new standard in the field of mechanical CAD/CAE/CAM in the world, Pro/Engineer has been recogni

        The Pro/Engineer operating software is a CAD/CAM/CAE integrated 3D software from American Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). Known as parametric, Pro/Engineer software is the earliest application of parametric technology. It plays an important role in the current 3D modeling software field and is recognized by the industry as a new standard in the world of mechanical CAD/CAE/CAM. Promotion is one of the mainstream CAD/CAM/CAE softwares, especially in the domestic product design field.
        Main characteristics

        1. Parametric design is relative to the product, we can regard it as a geometric model, and no matter how complex the geometric model can be decomposed into a finite number of constituent features, each of which can be completely finitely parameterized. Constraint, this is the basic concept of parameterization. However, it is not possible to hide solid features under the part module.

        2. Feature based modeling
        Pro/E is a feature-based solid modeling system. Engineers use intelligent feature-based features to generate models, such as cavities, shells, chamfers, and rounded corners. You can sketch and easily change the model. This feature gives engineers the simplicity and flexibility they have never had before.

        3. Single database (all relevant)
        Pro/Engineer is built on a unified base database, unlike some traditional CAD/CAM systems built on multiple databases. The so-called single database, that is, the data in the project comes from a library, so that each independent user works for a product model, no matter which department he is. In other words, changes can be made anywhere in the design process, and can be reacted back and forth throughout the design process. For example, once the engineering details have changed, the NC (CNC) tool path will be updated automatically; if there is any change in the assembly drawing, it will also react to the entire 3D model. This unique combination of data structure and engineering design combines the design of a single product.

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