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        1. Technical support

          Software for three-dimensional Scan scanner |


          PolyWorks Standard Point Cloud Engineering Solution Founded in 1994 in Quebec, Canada, InnovMetric software has the world's largest high-density point cloud software customer base in manufacturing.
          Standard point cloud engineering solution, InnovMetric Software is the largest in manufacturing high density point cloud software.Point cloud scans, dimensional analysis, comparison of daily use PolyWorks to reverse engineering and CAD jobs.
          Major industries:
          Automotive, aerospace, consumer products, energy and metal processing
          Polyworks software is mainly used for 3D scanning, reverse engineering, design, inspection, digital manufacaturing and medical applications.
          Main applications:
          1, sheet metal detection
          2, die virtual prototype
          3, the virtual Assembly
          4, metal casting
          5, plastic testing
          6, steering Assembly
          7, the first article inspection
          8, pilot testing
          9, copy, flush-milling
          10, tooling manufacture
          11, design and reverse engineering
          12, fast virtual prototype
          13, advanced visualization
          14, finite element modeling
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