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        Technical support

        Geomagic Qualify 12

        Geomagic Qualify is a reverse check software, rapid detection products can be achieved using Geomagic Qualify computer-aided design (CAD) models, and differences between products manufactured, Geomagic Qualify display with intuitive and easy to understand graphic comparison of differences between, the first article inspection can be applied to products, production lines or on floor inspection, trend analysis, Two-and three-dimensional geometric dimensioning and automatically generate a formatted report.

        Key features and applications:

        1. short period of testing products
        With Geomagic Qualify, detect and audit can be completed in a matter of hours, rather than several weeks-to accelerate time to market, significantly reduce costs, so that users can have a considerable competitive advantage.Geomagic Qualify through Germany of standards and metrology institution PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) certification, meet the criteria established by the leading automotive and aerospace manufacturers, such as GM (General Motors) and Pratt and Whitney company (Pratt and Whitney) established strict quality standards.

        2. access to all the data compare
        When a user when you can capture every detail of your actual manufactured part, why choose traditional CMM system or test gauges for two-dimensional detection?Through integrated measurements and comparisons, you can more accurately identify the problem.Contact combined with three dimensional scans and detects the user want need hard probe, Geomagic Qualify a single interface allows you to capture the full three dimensional scanning data, and then use the hard and difficult to scan the probe measurement measurement data or verify the specific characteristics of the region.

        3. the implementation of in-depth product evaluation and process evaluation
        With Geomagic Qualify provide advanced analysis features, you can quickly figure out beyond tolerance.Three-dimension compared to the actual differences manufacture parts to create a full-color map as comparative reference model to help designers understand the problem, thereby shortening design and change cycles.Additional features include wall thickness calculation, GD&T, two-and three-dimensional size and shape and position tolerances, and so on.

        4. automated design tools allow users to reuse existing inspection process
        After the user-defined detection processes, often vary, if you need to add the reference model or to increase detection of specific projects.Geomagic Qualify allows users to adjust the existing inspection procedures to schedule and automate testing of new, or you can allow users to use a single reference model automatically detects more than one model.By dragging the mouse, can quickly and easily update the testing procedure.

        5. the inspection process collaboration
        Geomagic Qualify provide instrumentation data, software defined within the view, user-defined views, comments, and conclusions, and many other detailed test report.Reports can be saved in several formats, including PDF, HTML, DOC and XLS, and VRML formats.Use Geomagic Review free, in other parts of the engineers, suppliers, partners, subcontractors and customers can share test results.Geomagic Review to provide collaborative tools that improve communication, reduce the number of design and process changes, speeding product development and improvement.

        6. optional modules for turbine engineering and testing
        Geomagic Qualify the choice of Geomagic Blade module provides assessment and testing of turbine blades, rotor, stator and the special features of the component.To finish and the surface feature detection to verify that each meet tolerance specifications, functionality, and performance requirements.It also for edge contact pins, specific blade size of automatic dimensioning and distortion analysis provided by digital technology.

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