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        Technical support

        Optical imaging systems industrial lens


        Machine vision system, the lens is equivalent to the human eye, its main role is to target optical image focus image sensor (camera) on a photosensitive surface.Visual system processes all image information is received through the lens, the lens quality directly affects the overall performance of the Visual system.Once the information is in imaging systems have serious loss, attempted in the back part of recovery is very difficult.Rational selection of design Imaging lenses, optical path is one of the key technologies of vision systems.
        Wide variety of lenses, from focus category can be divided into shorter focal length, focus, telephoto and zoom lenses;From the size of the field of view classification can be divided into a wide-angle, standard, telephoto lens;Structural classification can also be divided into a fixed light circle Prime lenses, manual light circle prime lens, auto light circle Prime lenses, manual zoom lens, Auto Iris zoom lens, electric motorized lens (aperture, focal length, focus will be the three) types.

        Lens image more or less distortion.Larger distortion gives Visual system great difficulties, should have considered in detail during imaging design, including the choice small lens distortion, only effective-field distortion smaller, Center-field.Another feature of the camera is its spectral properties, mainly affected by interference characteristics of lens coating and impact absorption properties of the material.Requires maximum resolution of the camera light as possible should match the received wavelength illumination wavelength, CCD devices, and optical lens on the wavelength of the light transmittance optimizing.Use the appropriate filter in the imaging system can achieve some special effects.In addition, Imaging optical design also requires attention to the effects of stray light.

        Lenses are also essential parts of the television monitor, CCD industrial camera and lens, can distance the target Imaging in industrial camera CCD target surface, again by its resulting from optical imaging systems optical/digital images into video signals.Dimension depending on image production research of industrial lens, used super low distortion design, low distortion rate, has variety optical correction way, maximum of reduced like poor of occurred, makes its in space frequency number high of band Department also can maintained high of MTF value, contrast degrees clarity high, lens substantial of machinery design, regulation Hou of lock device, very for factory automation, and machine Visual, and image processing, on quality requires very high of occasions, can tie million pixel above 1/3,1/2,2/3 industrial camera using, Widely used in industrial safety monitoring, high-precision measuring, detection, identification and other industrial machine vision and image processing systems.

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