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        Technical support

        Handheld scanner buying guide


        How to choose various three dimensional scanning products on the market is put in front of users a problem.Hua Lang through many years of study and practice, how to shop for your own three dimensional scanners, we offer you several suggestions:

        Product precision
        China currently has no national standards on three-dimensional non-contact optical scanner, scanner manufacturers for accuracy of description is also very confusing.Germany and Japan have the relevant authorities about scanner accuracy validation of proposed standards.
        Hua Lang company in reference to Germany and Japan related standards have developed on the basis of their own corporate standards, added a tighter stitch to the corporate standard dimensional accuracy as one of evaluation.

        Data Auto stitch
        What are the landmarks in fully automatic splicing?So-called landmarks full automatic stitching is scanning software for automatic identification of landmarks, automatic matching, data automatic stitching, a button to complete the process as a whole, without human intervention in the process!

        You can control the overall error
        When multiple scans against large or complex objects, accumulation of error is an inevitable problem.World generally uses three dimensional photogrammetric control framework method to obtain the entire object coordinates, such as Tritop,Digimetric, and so on.Main problem is that in this way is expensive, and cannot be used alone, must be used with scanner.
        Error control technology of Hua Lang Holon original system, no need to add additional devices, directly available through scanner objects coordinate the framework as a whole, resulting in a global error control, effectively reduce the accumulated error.

        Whether success stories
        Customers who purchase scanner requires more than just a machine, but a solution.When a customer selects a device, be sure to see if the manufacturer has a corresponding success stories.Now require three dimensional scan more and more industries and fields, each field has its own characteristics and requirements, the corresponding success story reflects the adaptability of equipment manufacturers and research and development capabilities.
        Perfect professional pre-sale and post-sale technical support reflects the respect and responsibility to the customer.

        The maturity of the product, technical service
        As a responsible power products manufacturers to use advanced customer service, expand the Yang share, with good quality products and perfect service to win customers by word of mouth, these are also important factors to consider when selecting a product.
        In short, strong research and development strength, advanced production technology, complete quality control of science, broad successful application, good customer relationships are important factors when purchasing equipment.
        Finally, we stress that, prior to the purchase, be sure to scan the sample first, we measured free samples to customers so that you better understand our products!

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