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        Technical support

        Comparison of three dimensional scanning device


        -Contact data acquisition method using optical principles of data collection, including: laser triangular method, laser distance measuring method, the structured light method, and image analysis.
        Non-contact type data acquisition speed fast, and precision high, excluded has by measurement friction and contact pressure caused of measurement errors, avoid has contact type measuring head and was measuring surface due to curvature interference produces of shoddy points problem, obtained of intensive points cloud amount big, and precision high, measuring head produces of spot also can do have is small, can detection to General machinery measuring head difficult measurement of parts, maximum to reflect was measuring surface of real shape.Contactless data collection method using non-contact probes, because there is no force of effect, suitable for measuring soft thing;Non-contact probes higher sampling rates, 50 times per second to between 23,000 times/second, suitable for complex surface shapes, measurement of the unknown surface accuracy requirements are not particularly high, such as automobiles, household appliances mold, slime mold, and so on.Non-contact probes due to the effects of surface characteristics (color, brightness, roughness, shape, etc) a greater impact now in most cases their larger measurement error than contact transducers, stays above 10 micron.This method is mainly used for deformed parts, high precision parts, parts, does not require huge amounts of data taking into account measurement of costs and related hardware and software supporting the case of measurements.
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