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        Technical support

        3D measuring system of optional accessories


        Quality aim would parts production in the manufacturing and design requirements remain the same.However, maintaining consistency of the production process requires control of manufacturing processes.Establish and maintain manufacturing process consistency is the most effective way is to accurately measure the size of obtained information, analysis and feedback data to the production process, making it an effective instrument for continuously improving product quality.

        Coordinate measuring machine is one way to measure and access to dimension data in the most effective, because it can replace many expensive combination gauges and measurement tools, and the time required for complex measurement tasks from hours to minutes.Three-coordinate measuring machine capability is to quickly and accurately evaluate dimensional data, the operator provides useful information on the situation of the production process, this is all manual measurement equipment there's a big difference.Next, we will how to choose:

        Coordinate measuring machine by a sensor called the probe contacts the workpiece measurement, data can be obtained with a workpiece in the workpiece or features (such as holes) describes the dimensions of work together.Through these dimensions describe, is relatively easy to determine whether the characteristics of the workpiece or a variance.This information in order to correct the causes of variance provides clues to disorder in the production process.

        If a coordinate measuring machine is exactly what you need, how to choose the best?First determine whether you want to buy a model of three-coordinate measuring machine.Based on CMM probe placed on location, there are three basic types: vertical, horizontal, and portable.

        Vertical coordinate measuring machine in measuring head installed on the vertical arm.This high measurement precision than horizontal measurements of confidential because the bridge type structure is relatively stable and fewer moving parts, making them better rigidity and stability.Vertical coordinate measuring machine consists of a variety of sizes, from small gears to engine case can be measured, even commercial aircraft fuselage.

        Level measurement probe mounted on the horizontal axis.They should generally be used in detecting the workpiece, such as motor vehicle bodywork, with a medium level of accuracy inspections.

        Simplified portable measuring machines that cannot be moved to measurements of parts and assemblies on the measuring machine, portable measuring machines can be installed on top of the workpiece or Assembly or even inside, which allows for the measurement of internal space, allows users to assemble in situ measurements, saving measurement of moving, transportation and individual work time.

        To make the three-coordinate measuring machine remains firm, the design process, generally by increasing the cross-section of the structural components, increase the distance, the motor-driven air bearing strength, weight and temperature performance optimization for choosing structural materials to increase the mass and stiffness, improving the measurement precision, repeatability and measurement of velocity and acceleration.These principles also apply to some level workshop on the coordinate measuring machine, this kind of system flexibility and horizontal measuring machine vertical design combined with high precision.

        Level measurement orientation makes the measuring machine is horizontal-machining equipment collocation are more reasonable.Them is particularly suitable for measuring those need to measure the high-precision measurement of large gears and motor case.

        Possible to join the four axis of the turntable arm configuration can also be achieved, can be measured in all directions of the workpiece.Horizontal arm configuration is much easier to load and unload workpieces, small, workshop-horizontal arm measuring machine suitable for high speed production applications.

        Coordinate measuring machine can be selected according to the application in two ways: manually and automatically.If you only need to detect geometric tolerances are relatively simple artifacts, or measuring small quantities of different workpieces, manual machine is the best choice.Manual measuring machine's software can also be stored and call measurement procedures, thereby speeding up repetitive measurements.If you need to detect large quantities of identical workpieces, or require a high accuracy, to select directly with a computer-controlled measuring machines.CNC measuring machine automatically detects and eliminates operator's influence on the measurement results.Program-driven means to achieve error-free high detection rate.

        Tolerance is also important, manual measuring machine is difficult to achieve even smaller tolerances, CNC measuring machine through its continuous touch test to better suit with tight tolerances required high accuracy and repeatability of workpiece requirements.

        CNC measuring machine by installing a simulation scanning probe used to measure requiring large amounts of data to define their geometric artifacts, such as gears, cylinder, auto body, the windshield survey.For those full CAD-defined or completely unknown to the workpiece with the arithmetic method, these probes can provide continuous data collection, and from the part of the workpiece and on the model for reverse engineering.For very small contour artifact scanning probe because of its small scanning surface and require a large amount of data to be defined and become the ideal choice.

        Measuring machine install site is also very important.Ideally, measurements should be made as close as possible to the production process the workpiece near the operator installed.Such workshop-type measuring machines typically have a user friendly interface, similar to the machine control interface.

        Different types of measuring machines can work together.A measurement-vertical measuring machine using the precision measuring room, as the product's main arbitration work-measuring machines used in production lines, to judge the quality of the workpiece and provides real-time statistical process control and smooth transition, and the entire manufacturing process planning.

        Key components of the need to investigate
        Once you have determined how and where to use the measuring machine, visit few key performance requirements, including measurement uncertainty and operational efficiency.In accordance with current international standards, measurement uncertainty and testing procedure are described in the ISO 10360.

        A. length measurement of indication error of the maximum allowable MPEE (ISO 10 360-2)
        In the measurement of any of the 7 different types of space orientation, measure the volume of a set of 5 different blocks, each block length measured 3 times.
        MPEE value of all measurement results must be within the specified range.
        B.Maximum permissible probing error MPEP (ISO 10 360-2)
        25-point measurement precision standard ball, detecting points evenly distributed.MPEP maximum permissible probing error values for all measuring radii of maximum difference.
        *MPEP is the form tolerances of the measuring machine.
        * If measuring a sophisticated ring gauges, shapes on a drawing shape tolerances tolerances is to measure (=MPEP).
        C.Maximum allowable error of scanning probe MPETHP (ISO 10 360-4)
        4 standard ball determine paths for scanning.Maximum allowable error of scanning probe MPETHP values for all measuring radii of maximum difference.
        On the acceptable level of uncertainty in the number of collection points, determine the effectiveness of the measuring machine.Measuring machines to capture more than 100 data points in a minute, and can achieve very close to the metrological precision.

        Measuring machines to provide a guarantee for modern manufacturing industry, because it can replace the flat measuring tool, fixed or custom gauges, manual measurement and precision instruments.Their flexibility in handling different tasks make it a primary arbiter.In providing data for process control at the same time, measuring machines are also available in factory product inspection, calibration of machine tools and gauges for customer quality certification, inspection, test and optimize machine tool setting additional properties.Investment in fixed assets has many factors to consider, but considering that increases productivity, reduces costs and production in their control, measuring machine is the best choice for measuring and testing.

        Selecting the correct measurement software
        Software enables measuring machines to meet the potential needs for speed and precision.Today's measurement software, to such an extent, even the most complex procedures did not require knowledge of computer programming.Today's survey software is menu-driven, that is, it reminds the operator what he needs to do, it will recommend the most likely option.

        Software programs with statistical process analysis and control functions.For application software simplifies the measurement of thin-walled parts containing the edge of stairs, through the nut and bolt positioning and measurement of the workpiece.Fully functional measurement measuring machine to quickly and accurately determine the complex, non-geometric shapes, no straight edges of the workpiece, such as turbine blades, screw compressor rotors, gears, Pistons, cam and crankshaft.

        Soft package to graphically construct gauges gauges work, using a mathematical method of inserting part of the feature, thus correcting geometric dimensions.Some program provides module, used to measure irregularly shaped parts, such as thin-walled parts and plastic parts, windshield and exhaust.Thus reducing the need for expensive fixed measuring instrument.Other module executable-d, and 3-D optimization process and outline can be completed.

        Data transmission standards are gradually developed and widely accepted by industry, such as dimensional measuring interface standard (DMIS) was used from the CAD system to measurement of communication;Initial graphics Exchange specification (IGES) is designed to complete the data exchange from CAD system to the CAD system.Such a function, making measuring machine can be used in reverse engineering and other occasions.At this time, data from modules or parts of the product measurement.Data transmission directly from CAD data development measurement programs, under the right circumstances, even offline, so as to reduce the burden of production measuring machines.

        Selection of a suitable package benefit from measuring machine is the most critical factor
        When you identify a measuring machine is what you need, measuring machine manufacturers will recommend suitable software meet the machines and applications, you should follow these recommendations.However, before you make a decision, you should follow some general rules.

        * Measurement software must be easy to operate.More easy to use, measuring and testing processes faster.The quickest and simplest software is a graphical user interface (GUI) instead of a keyboard to enter commands.
        * Select a popular PC and WINDOWS operating systems to run the measuring software they currently accounted for the vast majority of the industry.In this way, training, service, and upgrades will not be a problem.
        * Packages shall meet the requirements of different levels of operators, for example, one workshop interface is used to implement testing programs, and programming interface that allows technicians to enter the program, NC command transform, integrate custom applications and developing measurement procedures for complex parts.
        * Measurement software need to produce clear, unambiguous measurements of graphical representations.Data displayed in this way, for operation will be easier to calibration variances, to those persons who need to archive the inspection process is also useful.
        * Make sure software upgrades can be realized, and the old and new versions are compatible with.If your software is not compatible with down, you will experience a catastrophic collapse.
        * Measurement software must be able to communicate with CAD/CAM programs and systems.Although you may not have CAD/CAM systems now, but you will use in the future.With a complete measurement procedures, and to improve product quality in the manufacturing process.

        Quality technology services will assist you in maximizing the application of measuring machines
        When they purchase the applicability, reliability can be measured on the basis of, you also need to take fully into account the measuring machine supplier's technical strength and capacity, technical services, technical strength and long-term comprehensive development of a localized, and has a large customer base and broad awareness.Through timely and reliable technical service support and spare parts support, provide guarantees for long-term efficient operation of measuring machines.At the same time, with professional training and application support team, allowing customers to easily cope with the complicated measurement tasks.

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