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        3D Scanner

        HL-3DS (Multifunctional)

        <1> Encoding calibration technology:this technology  a total of 13 st-eps for reducing errors;
        <2> Eeterodyne multiple frequency:cast symmetrical stripes;
        <3> It can be compatible with 3D photogrammetry system: This method will improve the measurement precision;
        <4> Calibration source made of granite;
        <5> Patent design:It can solve some stitching problems when 3 D scanner getting data from various angles;
        <6> This 3D scanner’s accuracy is higher than others;
                             <7> It is convenient to adjust, because it have many patterns.

        1、A stable tripod(12 kg load level) is crucial for 3D scanner’s working,i

         can provide a good scanning environment for 3D scanner.makes it will not 

         shake or jitter.In general,in consideration of the portable at the same time,

         as far as possible according to the scan head’s size、barycenter, choose the

         heavier tripod of the work, in order to achieve the best effect of 

        scanning state.

        2、Tripod’s characteristics: mobility well, easy to lift or descend, scan Angle is easy to adjust;

         Light weight, easy to carry.

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