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        3D measuring system


        HOLON3DP three dimensional photography measurement system is to a rack handheld type of high resolution (4288x2848) digital camera, on was measuring property shooting digital photo, by 2D digital photo images of Diego collection, to gets was measuring property of 3D coordinates, and this items mobile type of technology in for ripping was measuring property of 3D coordinates, and quality control (Inspection) and the variant analysis (Deformation) Shang are can effective of saves volume measuring time.Before you begin the measurement, first paste code in the object, and then use the camera to shoot.During filming, shooting images of many different perspectives, to read these images into your HOLON3DP software, because of the different angles of each image, each image different angles, through triangulation of methods, HOLON3DP software to combine these images automatically after operation, provides 3D coordinates of every code point circle.

        Product features

        Principle of three dimensional measuring technology: three dimensional industrial Photogrammetry technology
        Measurement of three dimensional format: mm ~ dozens of meters
        Three dimensional measurement accuracy: 0.02mm/1M;0﹒1mm/4m
        Use: portable optical CMM, all measuring marks (or encoding) of three dimensional coordinates.Can be used individually or integrated with the surface scan.Measurements with high resolution digital cameras for objects photographed from different angles, derived from a series of photos in the software solution, you can get the exact spatial coordinates of the reference points.

        Product appearance


        Related cases



        Models (project)


        Scanning area (m)

        0.1 , 1 , 10 ,50

        Single scan accuracy (mm)



        High order SLR camera; over 4928 * 3264 pixels

        Industrial lens


        Camera angle

        50°(horizontal) , 36°(vertical)

        Target rod


        carbon fiber


        0.002 mm

        Calibration technique


        Matching ways

        Code point auto-matching

        Reference standard

        VDI 2634/1

        data transmission ways

        Flash cards or wireless transmission

        Post-processing software

        PolyWorks , RapidForm , Metrolog , Metrosoft .etc

        The operating environment

        Windows98 / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7


        Encoding point ; code point ; flashlight ;

         flash card ;battery

        Operating temperature


        Operating range of humidity

         (not condensation


        Applicable field

        3D detection, Sheet metal detection and tolerance analysis,

         gaugedetection, CAD ratio, large metal frame detection


        • SLR camera,Fixed focus lens

          1、Nikon D7000 SLR camera (or higher configuration camera)

          2、Resolution: 4928 x 3264 pixels: 16.2 million, DX specifications CMOS 

            sensors, imaging has good sharpness, low noise image.

          3、EXPEED 2 digital image processing engine,images present a rich details、

            bright colors、a variety of color layers,and Good ability of noise control.

        • Magnetic coding point

          1、HL - 3DP three-dimensional photogrammetry special magnetic code point:

          2、It has a clear pattern and boundary without jagged, colour and lustre 

            is uniform, easy to image recognition.

          3、With magnetic adsorption function,especially suitable for metalworkpiece

            3D measurement,such as automobile body. 

          4、Specifications 10 bit 0-99 coding (suitable for small and medium-sized  workpiece precision 

            measurement),12 bit 0-299 coding (bigger workpiece three-dimensional measurement, for example:

            cars, etc.), 14 bit 0-420 coding (supersized workpiece, complex workpiece three-dimensional 


        • Accurate target rod

          1、The material are divided into carbon fiber and Invar

          2、HOLON3D high precision target rod is professional standard ruler used 

            with three-dimensional photogrammetry, has very high accuracy(±0.0015mm).

          3、HOLON3D high precision target rod usually has 4 specification: 125 mm / 

            500 mm / 1000 mm / 1500 mm, or it can customize according to customer's 


          4、HOLON3D high precision target rod have great thermal stability and small deformation 

            coefficient.Then with the aid of three-dimensional photogrammetry, can direct eliminate 3D scanner

            accumulated error,improve the scanning measurement accuracy.

        Training services

        Holon 3D have excellent three-dimensional design and training team, designers with years 

        experience in many areas, especially in reverse engineering, mold design and manufacturing, etc

        We provide training services include:


        How to use 3D scanner:

        We offer the use of 3D scanner training, including installation, commissioning, operation and 

        daily maintenance etc.


        The reverse engineering design training:

        Including Imageware, Pro/E, UG, Geomagic, SolidWorks and other professional 3 d design software

        of intermediate or advanced training, make the 3 d design personnel can skilled application in 

        the practical work.

        Maintenance services

        Maintenance services

        Equipment warranty period, if the equipment damage caused by our quality, we free maintenance;

        If not,our company is responsible for the maintenance , but cost consultation by both parties.

        We provide product life-long maintenance, if outside the product warranty, we still provide 

        technical service, and cost consultation by both parties.


        Consulting services

        Our company provide 7 x24 hours customer service hotline: 86586285 0755-86586007

        The user can through a variety of ways get in touch with us, we will provide free advisory 



        Service plan

        Our company will keep in touch with users regularly, in a timely manner to solve the problem.

        If the device fails, and the user can not solve,our company will send professional technology 

        personnel to the scene to solve.

        After-sales service process


        Contact Holon

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        Phone Number: 86-0755-86586007 86586285 86701825 86701826

        Fax Number: 86-0755-86586285-769

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        24 hours hotline: 86-0755-86586007 86586285

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