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        1. 3D Scanner

          Product Features

          1、Light source form: 7 groups of cross laser lines plus an additional laser line totals 15 laser lines, which makes the scanning speed faster, accuracy higher and stability stronger.

          2、Single beam laser:It can be switched to a single laser scanning mode, which is suitable for scanning deep holes and dead ends.

          3、Measurement accuracy:Up to 0.020mm, resolution up to 0.050mm, free from environmental impact, workpiece structure and user capability limitation.

          4、Industrial Design:Light weight (870g), easy to carry, easy to operate and greatly improve work efficiency. New independent research and development technology is guaranteed.

          5、Three dimensional photogrammetric function:The system has the function of photogrammetry to make the scanning accuracy higher and the technology level superior to the same industry.

          6、Mobile scanning:Portable, indoor and on-site, suitable for all kinds of complex scenes.

          Related cases


              Hualang technical engineers use handheld three-dimensional scanner (HOLON760) to obtain high-precision three-dimensional scanning data of automotive gearbox, import three-dimensional detection software to carry out detection and analysis.

              Hualang 3D engineers use handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON760 to obtain the three-dimensional data of automobile hub, and then compare with the original data to get a very intuitive three-dimensional detection chromatogram.


          Product parameters




          60 x 145 x 307 mm

          Measurement rate

          480,000 Once/S

          Scanning area

          275 mm x 250 mm

          light source

          14 laser lines (+1 bundles)

          Laser safety grade


          Resolving power

          0.050 mm

          Splicing method

          Automatic mosaic of landmark points

          Data accuracy

          The height is 0.02 mm

          Datum distance

          300 mm

          Scanning depth of field

          270 mm

          Scan range (recommended)

            0.1 – 10 m(Extend)

          Volume precision

           0.02 mm + 0.06 mm/m

          Volume precision

          (Combined with photogrammetry)

           0.02 mm + 0.025 mm/m

          Output format


          transmission mode

           USB 3.0

          Power Supply

            alternating current(110 - 240V)

          working temperature

             -10 - +40 °C

          Operating humidity range

          (non condensing)


          Compatible software

          3DSystem(Geomagic Solutions)、lnnovMetric Software(polyWorks)、Dassault Systemes(CATIA V5和SolidWorks)、PTC(pro/ENGINEER)、Siemens(NX和Solid Edge)、Autodesk(lnvebtor、Alias、3ds Max、Maya、Softimage)、Rhino


          • Fluorescent marker

            Improve the accuracy of three-dimensional scanning: the boundary of markers is printed clearly, there is no defect, no teeth defect phenomenon, which reduces the misjudgment of scanning, and improves the accuracy of three-dimensional Using high-grade PET, PVC and other materials can avoid the shortcomings of common paper, such as fragility and poor stickiness, and can be used repeatedly.

            HPOLON 3D also provides high-end passive reflective (fluorescent) markers, which can be customized according to customer needs.

          • 3D scanning platform for granite

            Hualang three-dimensional granite three-dimensional scanning platform: material strength, high hardness, stable physical properties, no deformation, four rollers for multi-angle three-dimensional scanning, fixed holes on the platform for stable fixture.

          • HOLON3D Special instrument box

            HOLON3D special instrument box is made of special aviation box material. The box body is designed according to the size, weight and shock absorption of HOLON3D instrument and equipment. The outer part of the box is made up of rigid multi-layer splint and ABS fire-proof board, which has strong endurance and wear resistance.

          Training services

          Holon 3D have excellent three-dimensional design and training team, designers with years 

          experience in many areas, especially in reverse engineering, mold design and manufacturing, etc

          We provide training services include:


          How to use 3D scanner:

          We offer the use of 3D scanner training, including installation, commissioning, operation and 

          daily maintenance etc.


          The reverse engineering design training:

          Including Imageware, Pro/E, UG, Geomagic, SolidWorks and other professional 3 d design software

          of intermediate or advanced training, make the 3 d design personnel can skilled application in 

          the practical work.

          Maintenance services

          Maintenance services

          Equipment warranty period, if the equipment damage caused by our quality, we free maintenance;

          If not,our company is responsible for the maintenance , but cost consultation by both parties.

          We provide product life-long maintenance, if outside the product warranty, we still provide 

          technical service, and cost consultation by both parties.


          Consulting services

          Our company provide 7 x24 hours customer service hotline:0755-86586007 86586285 

          The user can through a variety of ways get in touch with us, we will provide free advisory 



          Service plan

          Our company will keep in touch with users regularly, in a timely manner to solve the problem.

          If the device fails, and the user can not solve,our company will send professional technology 

          personnel to the scene to solve.

          After-sales service process

          Contact Holon

          Address: 2101-2119#,No.98 Building 2,ChuangYe Road,NanShan District,ShenZhen.Zip Code : 518054

          Phone Number: 86-0755-86586007 86586285 86701825 86701826

          Fax Number: 86-0755-86586285-769

          Website: www.navalrosal.com www.3dscanline.com www.holon3d.com

          24 hours hotline: 86-0755-86586007 86586285

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