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        3D Scanner

        Three-dimensional scanner


        Three-dimensional scanner W3000 (ultra-large-scale three-dimensional scanner)

        1. 13 Step Coding Calibration Technology: Eliminating Lens Error

        2. Heterodyne Multifrequency Phase Shift: Uniform Stripe Projection

        3. Compatible Photogrammetry System: Higher Accuracy

        4. Calibration Source of Granite

        5. Patent Design: Eliminating the Problem of Multi-angle Scanning Stitching

        6. Accumulative scanning accuracy is very high. Single machine can complete about 4m workpiece scanning.

        7. Multi-mode scanning, easy to adjust

        Product features


        The three-dimensional scanner (w3000) has:

        1. Ultra-high efficiency, a car scanning less than 2 hours

        2. High performance-price ratio: large-scale measurement can be completed without photogrammetric coordination.

        3. High stability: Carbon fiber components have strong thermal shock resistance and small thermal deformation coefficient, which ensure higher scanning accuracy and stronger stability of the equipment.

        4. Anti-collision design protection, multi-mode switching

        5. International Quality Accessories, Special Heavy Durable Platform and Operating Platform

        6. Heterodyne multi-frequency phase-shifted grating: uniform fringe projection, high precision point cloud data, no noise data

        7-13 Step Coding Calibration Technology: Eliminating Lens Distortion Error and Improving Scanning Accuracy

        8. High accuracy: The comprehensive scanning accuracy can reach (+0.10mm/4m), compatible with photogrammetric system. Photography makes the scanning speed faster and the accuracy higher, +0.04mm/4m.



        Related cases


        Product parameters

        Product model


        Scanning mode
        Non-contact 3-D Scanning (Photographic 3-D Scanning)
        Projection and Grating Technology
        Microstructure Light Projection and Extrapolation Multifrequency Phase Shifting (Optional: Blue/White)

        Calibration technology

        Ring Coding Calibration (13 steps)

        Single Scan Range (mm)

        Independent mode


        Adjustment mode




        Single measurement accuracy (mm)


        Single-sided scanning time (S)

        Splicing mode

        Automatic Intelligent Mosaic and Manual Feature Mosaic

        Scannable object range (mm)


        Average sampling point distance (mm)


        Industrial three-dimensional Photogrammetry

        Supporting the import of coordinate point files (<0.04mm/4m) for industrial three-dimensional photogrammetry splicing Engineering

         Industrial camera

        Resolution (pixels)

        1.31 million pixels (2 million, 3 million or 5 million pixels can be selected according to customer requirements)

        Camera Angle (Degree)

        18℃, 27℃, 32.5℃

        Place of Origin


        Industrial lens (mm)

        8, 12, 16, 25 (according to model configuration)

        Calibration unit
        Granite/Carbon Fiber

        Industrial Operator

        Heavy Mobile Operator

        Data Output Format


        Light Source and Energy (W)

        Standard 100 W Halogen Lamp; LED 50 W High Energy LED (White); High Energy Lamp (HPL) 250 W Halogen Lamp

        Application field

        Vehicle and parts, moulds, large castings, aircraft parts, boats, large blades, construction machinery, reverse engineering, three-dimensional inspection

        Working temperature, power supply

        -10℃~50℃、100~240V AC

        Scanning devic

        System size (mm)


        System weight (kg)



        • Heavy Mobile Operating Platform

          Heavy mobile operation platform has excellent mobility performance, and can be fixed at any time in more complex terrain. The platform is equipped with pallets, which can place computer and other accessories. When scanning large objects or easily deformed and other difficult to move objects, heavy mobile platform is used to adjust the position of the three-dimensional scanner and scan objects in all directions to achieve the best scanning effect and make the scanning work more efficient.

        • 3-D Scanning Platform for Granite

          Hualang three-dimensional granite three-dimensional scanning platform: material strength, high hardness, stable physical properties, no deformation, four rollers for multi-angle three-dimensional scanning, fixed holes on the platform for stable fixture. It also has the advantages of non-rusting, acid-base resistance, non-magnetization, invariance and good wear resistance. It can maintain stability under heavy load and general temperature, and is suitable for production projects with high precision requirements.

        • Circular marking point

          Improving the accuracy of three-dimensional scanning: printing the boundary of marker points clearly, improving the accuracy of three-dimensional scanning data mosaic;

          Improve the recognition rate of mark points: adopt high-grade matte material to make the black and white information of the pattern clear, no reflection phenomenon and no misjudgment in multi-angle three-dimensional scanning;

          Reuse: Use high-grade PET, PVC and other materials, can be used repeatedly.

          Warren 3D also provides high-end passive reflective (fluorescent) markers, which can customize various patterns, size markers or coding points according to customer needs.

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