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        Industry applications

        • Ma Tiaofeiyan bronze three-dimensional scanning case

          Using the hand-held 3D scanner HL-3DH-F to obtain the 3D data of the horse-drawn swallow bronze, it will not affect the appearance of the cultural relics, and it can accurately and quickly copy the cultural relics.

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        • 3D scanning of terracotta warriors sculpture

          The client wanted to build a three-dimensional digital model of the Terracotta Warriors sculpture and quickly create a scaled sculpture model of the Terracotta Warriors.

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        • Bronze repair 3D scanning case

          The precious historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation has a very high artistic value. Customers want a 3D scanner for accurate artifact restoration and digital archiving.

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        • Ancient jade three-dimensional scanning case

          A high imitation art manufacturer hopes to imitation of a piece of ancient jade, so that fans who are unable to withstand high-priced genuine goods can purchase fake jade according to their own economic conditions.

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        • Ancient cultural relics "Dragon tortoise" 3D scanning scheme

          The museum has also been committed to better preserve the heritage of history. The digitization of cultural relics, the restoration of cultural relics and the three-dimensional digital display allow us to understand the ancient art and the traditional Chinese cultural heritage.

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        • Horse running on the swallow bronzes

          How precious cultural relics for research purposes, could not get to exhibitions around the real thing, this would require a almost exact replica in place toward the regional exhibition, so that more people know about him.

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        • Terracotta warriors and horses

          Terracotta is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of archaeology, known as the "eighth wonder of the world", when you stand in front of the terracotta army, hearts will feel a huge shock as if Shanhu tsunami, leimingdianshan, powerful army intensively.

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