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        Industry applications

        • Zisha pot 3D scanning case

          Zisha pot, hand-made clay crafts made by Chinese Han nationality, is now also mass-produced with machines. The customer wants to use the Hualang 3D scanner to obtain the 3D data of the teapot for reverse design, shorten the development cycle, improve product quality, and improve the production efficiency of the teapot.

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        • Personality ceramic cup 3D printing case

          A well-known pottery manufacturer needs to open a mold for a ceramic product for mass production. After comparison of several programs, it was decided to use the Hualang 3D scanner plus product supporting software to reverse design the ceramic products.

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        • Three-dimensional scanning case of ceramic crafts "tea pet"

          Most of them are ceramic crafts made of purple sand or pure mud. Tea pets depend on the overall shape. Customers use the Hualang 3D scanner to obtain 3D data for tea pets and engraving machines. It can shorten the development cycle and increase production efficiency.

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        • Zodiac crafts 3D printing scheme

          Using Hualang 3D scanner HL-3DX, combined with reverse design technology, data acquisition and 3D surface reconstruction of existing Zodiac crafts, the obtained 3D data is processed and poured into the engraving machine software for direct processing or direct 3D printing. .

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        • Vase 3D scanning scheme

          The customer wants to use the 3D scanner to get the 3D data of the vase, import the data into the reverse design software, add different textures to the vase, and finally use the laser to imprint different patterns on the vase.

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