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        Industry applications

        • Ring processing improvement program

          Using a 3D scanner to scan the ring, the jeweler can create any enlarged and reduced version of the ring based on the acquired 3D data of the ring, and the designer can also customize the ring for them.

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        • Jewelry wax pattern 3D scanning case

          A well-known jewelry group in China wants to improve the traditional jewelry wax mold processing method and accelerate the design and manufacture of jewelry wax molds.

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        • Silver 3D scanning case

          Traditional silverware has many production steps and is cumbersome to work. It takes a long time for the master to make it. Use the 3D scanner to scan the 3D data of the silverware, and make any enlarged and reduced version of the silverware based on the acquired 3D data. The designer can also customize the jewelry for them.

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        • Clothing hardware accessories 3D scanning case

          The model design of clothing hardware accessories is more complicated. A garment hardware accessory company in Guangdong hopes to use the 3D scanner to scan the clothing hardware accessories, and the scanned data is matched with the 3D printer to improve the production efficiency.

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        • 3D scanning of craftwork "crystal"

          Hualang's strength lies in the continuous practice and innovation of technical solutions as well as high-precision, cost-effective equipment. It not only can quickly and accurately obtain the 3D data of the workpieces required by the customer, but also solve the problem effectively. The problem faced by the customer.

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        • Wax mold

           If you want to produce the perfect jewelry, you 

          need a perfect wax models,so making wax models is

          a very important process.A customer want to use 

          3D scanner quickly improve the wax models.

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