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        Industry applications

        • Reverse design of air conditioning reversing valve

          The reversing valve is a very important component in the air conditioner. It is equivalent to a control valve for changing the direction of the freon flow in the air conditioner to change the function of the air conditioner. Therefore, it is important to reverse the design of the reversing valve. The process can be compared by data.

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        • Spinning machine mold reverse design case

          Using Hualang 3D scanner HL-3DX combined with reverse design technology to carry out data acquisition and 3D surface reconstruction of existing spinning machine molds, and obtain 3D data for modeling and subsequent design operations, such as rapid prototyping and appearance quality. Testing and other applications.

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        • Mold base reverse design

          A well-known mold manufacturing company hopes to use the 3D scanner to quickly and accurately obtain the 3D data of the mold base they have made, and carry out the secondary design of the mold base.

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        • Racket accessories mass production program

          A sports goods company is a leader in the sporting goods industry, and design from scratch does not occupy any advantage at all. The company hopes to use 3D scanners to directly obtain 3D data of items, which can be directly used to design and modify, improve product quality and production efficiency.

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        • Reconstruction scheme of 3D digital pattern of mechanical parts

          Due to the loss of the customer's mechanical parts documentation, the normal production and processing of this mechanical parts is seriously affected. It is necessary to scan the mechanical parts with a 3D scanner, obtain its 3D data, and re-establish the digital pattern.

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        • Machine tool worm reverse design case

          The worm has only one or more helical teeth and meshes with the worm gear to form a staggered shaft gear. The indexing surface can be a cylindrical surface, a conical surface or an annular surface. Use the 3D scanner HL-3DX to obtain worm 3D data, accelerate the secondary design of the worm and subsequent product quality monitoring.

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        • Automotive plating parts 3D scanning case

          After the auto parts are plated, the appearance can be improved, the conductivity can be improved, and the service life can be prolonged. Using a 3D scanner (HL-3DM) to quickly obtain measurements of the surface area of the part can reduce the waste of metallized metal and save processing costs.

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