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        Industry applications

        • 3D scanning of automobile soundproof cotton

          The customer needs to extract three-dimensional data from the car soundproof cotton through the Hualang three-dimensional scanner, and perform CAD modeling through the reverse software to obtain the three-dimensional digital model, and rebuild the digital model diagram in the reverse software for processing, production and modification design.

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        • Carbon fiber bicycle frame 3D scanning case

          With the gradual maturity of carbon fiber material manufacturing technology, the development and research of carbon fiber bicycles has been promoted. After years of development, carbon fiber composite materials have become the mainstream material for medium and high-end bicycle frames, and are welcomed by consumers.

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        • Fuel injection pump 3D scanning case

          A well-known domestic fuel injection pump manufacturer hopes to quickly obtain the appearance data of the original fuel injection pump through the three-dimensional scanner and accelerate the development of new products.

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        • Volkswagen Golf-7 Bumper Reverse Design

          The 3D scanner can scan the car bumper to obtain high-precision 3D data, improve the second development efficiency of the car bumper, and ensure the accuracy of CAD design results.

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        • Handheld Scanner Auto Parts Scanning Case

          Due to the conditions, the parts cannot be disassembled and can only be scanned directly in the car. As the first manufacturer in China to develop and produce handheld laser 3D scanners, Hualang not only has a powerful scanning environment, but also has simple operation and can reach industrial-grade high-precision standards.

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        • Automobile intake manifold reverse design case

          The plastic intake manifold has the characteristics of light weight, poor thermal conductivity and low air resistance. Customers need to copy the 380×330×180 intake manifold, import the data into the computer and modify it slightly, then open the mold for efficient and low-cost mass production.

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        • Racing suspension system 3D scanning case

          Hualang engineers used the camera-type 3D scanner “HL-3DS+” to scan the car suspension for a team at the Guangdong International Circuit. Customers need to use the high-precision 3D data acquired by the scanner to debug the car suspension system, so that the car can show excellent performance in the race. .

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