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        Industry applications

        3D scanner

        3D scanning of automobile soundproof cotton

        The customer needs to extract three-dimensional data from the car soundproof cotton through the Hualang three-dimensional scanner, and perform CAD modeling through the reverse software to obtain the three-dimensional digital model, and rebuild the digital model diagram in the reverse software for processing, production and modification design.

        Practical problems

        It is necessary to extract three-dimensional data for CAD modeling, so high precision is required to obtain accurate digital models. The time requirement is fast, and the scanning can be completed in a short time. Improve work efficiency and better carry out improvement work.

        Sound insulation cotton physical map

        Holon solution

        Use a handheld three-dimensional scanner to obtain accurate three-dimensional data of the automobile soundproof cotton, import the three-dimensional model into the reverse modeling software, and generate a digital model diagram.

        The use of a handheld three-dimensional scanner has the characteristics of non-contact, portable and movable, and can penetrate into the small space of the car to efficiently, quickly and accurately obtain the internal data of the car. By using Shining 3D's solution, the time from measurement to model output of the gasket is only 2 hours. At the same time, the measured data effect satisfies the customer's requirements very well. The rubber and plastic company can use the acquired 3D data immediately. Carrying out modeling and subsequent design operations, such as CNC machine tool processing, rapid prototyping, appearance quality inspection and other applications, effectively help companies shorten the construction period and reduce the cost of manpower and material resources.

        Soundproof cotton scanning STL data map

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