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        Industry applications

        Furniture scanning, 3D reverse

        3D reverse scan of bathtub

        With the vigorous development of the real estate industry, China's sanitary ceramic industry has also achieved rapid development. The original ceramic companies continue to integrate, and new sanitary ceramic companies continue to appear. The client wanted to obtain data through three-dimensional scanning for the bathtub without drawings, so as to improve the appearance and function accordingly.

        Practical problem

        The overall area of ??the bathtub is large, and the concave surface is wide and deep. Scanning is easy to consume time. Customers have high requirements for accuracy, and data can be used in later work to improve product quality. Since the bathtub needs to be installed and connected with parts for use, it is necessary to avoid errors during assembly. Need to use a high-precision, high-efficiency three-dimensional scanner for scanning.

        Scan site map

        Scan site map

        Holon solution

        According to customer requirements, Hualang 3D technical engineers use HOLON751 handheld 3D scanner to quickly scan to obtain high-precision data of the bathtub. The scanning speed is fast, the accuracy is high, the stability is strong, and the operation is convenient. The acquired data is imported into the 3D software for processing, and then combined with the reverse software for processing and modeling, the data can be retained and innovative designs can be carried out.

        Reverse scan data graph

        Reverse scan data graph

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