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        Industry applications

        3D scanning technology、Handheld scanner、Engraving 3D scanning

        Camera scan

        A camera is a device that uses optical principles to record images. In the early days of the invention, the camera was mainly used for the production of movies and TV programs, but now it has become popular and easy to carry, and it has almost become an essential electrical appliance in daily life. Now it is necessary to display the camera on the Internet and use 3D scanning technology to obtain the display data.

        Practical problems

        The customer needs data modeling for display, so the data accuracy is very high, it can fully show the advantages of the camera in all aspects, and reflect the real feeling to the user. Use the latest 3D scanning technology to obtain data. In the past, the data obtained by scanning equipment was not very accurate and was not suitable for display, and the 3D experience was not good.

        Site scan

        Site scan

        Holon solution

        According to customer needs and workpiece conditions, Hualang technical engineers quickly gave a solution: use HOLON751 handheld 3D scanner. Since the appearance of the camera is black, you need to spray a layer of powder on the surface first. Then use a handheld 3D scanner to quickly scan to obtain high-precision data from the camera. Through reverse modeling software processing, a three-dimensional model of the camera is obtained. Put the obtained three-dimensional model on the platform for display, which can truly show the camera and improve the customer's sensory experience.

        Reverse data graph

        Reverse data graph

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