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        Industry applications

        Handheld 3D scanner、3D scanner

        Reverse design of blast furnace chute

        During the working process of the blast furnace, the charge flows from the material flow regulating valve to the distribution chute through a high drop, and is distributed to various positions of the furnace throat through the interference of the chute. The chute is prone to wear during the production process. Since the customer does not have a design drawing and cannot be repaired later, the 3D scanning technology is used to help obtain the surface data of the object, so that the reverse design can provide effective data assistance for repair and maintenance of wear.


        Practical problems

        The volume of the chute is cracked and the structure is complex. Scan the required parts according to the customer's requirements. The difference in details also needs to be accurately scanned. The data is quickly scanned to obtain the data. The scan data has high accuracy and can be used for subsequent reverse design. Using a general 3D scanner, the scan data is incomplete, and the data cannot be scanned in subtle areas. New 3D scanning technology is required to complete the scan.

        Chute site scan

        Chute site scan

        Holon solution

        Using our handheld 3D scanner HOLON751, this device has a scanning accuracy of up to 0.02mm, fast scanning speed, and fine mode scanning details, easy to use, simple to operate, and can quickly complete the scanning work. First, mark points are attached for positioning and splicing, and then a three-dimensional scanner is used to scan the scanned part in all directions to obtain high-precision data. The scanning can be completed in half an hour, and the work efficiency is high. Import the scanned data into the reverse software for processing, generate a model, which can be innovatively designed, modified later, and further design more suitable products on the existing basis, helping customers solve a major problem.

        STL data chart of chute scanning

        STL data chart of chute scanning


        STL data chart of chute scanning

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