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        Industry applications

        Automobile 3D Scanning Automobile Parts Automobile 3D Inspection

        3D Scanning Reverse Design of Automobile

        Automobiles have become a means of transportation with various types and specifications, and are widely used in various fields of social and economic life. The car body protects safety and constitutes a good aerodynamic environment. A good body not only brings better performance, but also reflects the personality of the owner. The shape of the fuselage is relatively large, and it is necessary to use a three-dimensional scanner for scanning and testing to obtain accurate data to meet customer needs.

        Practical problems

        The car body has a large shape, a large curved surface, and the body structure contains many parts. The scanning processing requirements for each detail are high, and the scanning accuracy is also high. The data needs to be reversed later. Therefore, relying on manual measurement to obtain data is very difficult, takes a lot of time, and cannot guarantee data integrity and accuracy.

        Car scene scan

        Car scene scan

        Holon solution

        After understanding the customer's needs and scanning objects, the solution is to use: the handheld 3D scanner HOLON751 and the 3D photogrammetric system 3DP.

        Car scanning STL data graph

        First, paste code points and mark points on the scanned object. Use the three-dimensional photogrammetry system HL-3DP to take multiple pictures of the measured object from different angles. Through the three-dimensional distance measurement method, the HOLON3DP software automatically calculates the three-dimensional coordinates of the mark points and object feature points in the digital picture, which can improve the three-dimensional scanner Overall point cloud stitching accuracy.

        Car scanning STL data graph

        Import the 3D coordinate data of the car body into the scanning system, and use the handheld 3D scanner HOLON751 to quickly scan the car body in multiple directions and multiple angles to obtain high-precision 3D scan data. The handheld 3D scanner is flexible and convenient to operate, movable scanning, fast scanning speed, high precision, strong stability, and improves work efficiency. The scanner has a fine mode, which can clearly scan and reflect local small features. Use the acquired three-dimensional data to build a three-dimensional digital model to achieve the data that the customer wants to obtain, which is convenient for later design and development.

        Car scanning STL data graph

        Summary: For the 3D measurement of super large objects, the use of a 3D photogrammetry system with a 3D scanner can reduce the cumulative error of 3D scanning data splicing and improve data accuracy. The data obtained has high accuracy and good detail scanning, which can meet customer requirements and can be used in later work to speed up the progress of the project.

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