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        Industry applications

        3D inspection

        3D inspection of machined parts

        The processed parts are the workpieces produced by the mechanical processing technology, and are easily deformed during the manufacturing process. Therefore, the processed parts need to be inspected to control the product quality of each process and improve the product quality. The three-dimensional scanning technology obtains object data through scanning, and can be compared, analyzed and detected. The customer wants to use 3D scanning technology to scan and obtain the data of the processed parts for inspection.

        Practical problems

        Customers need to obtain high-precision data scanned completely, and the data analysis effect is good, which can clearly show the problem. The customer had previously found a 3D scanning manufacturer to demonstrate the results. The accuracy of the scanned data was not high, and the results of the inspection and comparison were not ideal, failing to achieve the desired effect. Our company is experienced in the scanning of processed parts, and our equipment has high scanning accuracy and can obtain high-precision data.

        On-site scan of processed parts

        On-site scan of processed parts

        Holon solution

        According to various requirements, the use of a camera-type three-dimensional scanner (HL-3DX+) can quickly and accurately obtain high-precision three-dimensional data, and the scanning work can be completed within 10 minutes. Then, the scanned 3D data is imported into the reverse design software Geomagic Studio for processing, and used together to generate an intuitive and easy-to-understand inspection graphics report to reflect whether there are any problems or deformations in the processed parts.

        Scan stl data graph

        Scan stl data graph

        Customers can clearly know where the problems of the processed parts occur from our report, and they can solve the problems in a targeted manner and quickly solve the problems fundamentally, thereby shortening the time and speeding up the work efficiency.

        Scanning inspection chart

        Sectional data graph

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