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        Industry applications

        3D scanning of wood carving、Engraving 3D scanning

        Application of three-dimensional scanning on wood carving

        Wood carving is a kind of carving. It is called "folk craft" in our country. It is a traditional carving craft, an art. The traditional manual method takes a long time, the amount of engineering is large, and the large volume of artwork is not easy to display to the outside. The customer has a piece of wood carving on the Silk Road and needs to use 3D scanning technology to help solve these problems, speed up work efficiency, and improve quality.

        Practical problems

        The customer's woodcarving "Silk Road" has a length of more than ten meters and needs to be displayed. There are many details of woodcarving, which requires accurate scanning of each detail. The degree of restoration is high, the content in all aspects is complete, and the real experience Strong. Due to the long size and the rich engraving content, the general 3D scanner can be used to scan it, and the content cannot be highly restored. The precise engraving area cannot be scanned and the customer cannot be displayed. This requires the use of a new type of 3D scanner to scan and obtain data.

        Wood carving scene scan

        Wood carving scene scan

        Holon solution

        According to the scanned object and data usage. The use plan is to use handheld 3D scanner and photogrammetry system together.

        First, use a three-dimensional photogrammetry system to obtain 3D coordinates, affix coding points on the wood carving, use the camera to shoot images at many different angles, import the images into the software through triangulation, the software automatically combines these images and calculates them to get the code The 3D coordinates of the center of the point. Then use a 3D scanner to perform a comprehensive scan of the wood carving, quickly obtain high-precision 3D scan data, and import 3D software for optimized processing to obtain the data required by the customer.

        Wood carving scan stl data chart

        The use of the 3D photogrammetry system in conjunction with the 3D scanner can reduce the accumulated data of the 3D scan data stitching and improve the accuracy of the data. It is suitable for scanning highly restored objects such as wood carvings. Very good solution to the problems faced by customers.

        Wood carving scan stl data chart

        Wood carving scan stl data chart

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