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        Industry applications

        3D scan of mahogany furniture 3D detection of carving Reverse design of relief

        3D scan of mahogany furniture

        Mahogany furniture refers to furniture made of classical mahogany wood. Modern mahogany furniture not only embodies traditional furniture art, but also has contemporary art innovation. The materials are selected and exquisitely produced. The mahogany furniture with exquisite carvings is carved with complicated and exquisite patterns, which are all handmade by craftsmen and carved with care by knife. Although it is exquisite, but it takes too long, so it uses technical 3D scanners to assist later mass production and speed up efficiency.

        Practical problems

        The precious mahogany has a large wood width, beautiful colors and patterns, and focuses on product styles and craftsmanship. In the past, it was handmade by artisans. Because the design of a piece of furniture and the carving of patterns are very large amounts of engineering, it takes a long time to produce a The finished product, and in this process, it is easy to make mistakes and cause defects, and the output will be small.

        Real shot of mahogany furniture

        With the development needs, to expand production and increase market supply, we can use our handheld 3D scanner to collect data and speed up production.

        Scanned scene of mahogany furniture scene

        Holon solution

        It adopts HOLON751 three-dimensional handheld 3D scanner, with a compact appearance and one-person operation. The scanning speed is fast and the accuracy is high, which can reach 0.01mm. The fine mode of the scanner is suitable for scanning fine carved patterns on furniture, and details can also be accurately displayed. First, mark points on the furniture are used for positioning and splicing, and then the HOLON751 hand-held three-dimensional scanner is used for comprehensive scanning. The scanning work can be completed quickly and high-precision three-dimensional scanning data can be obtained.

        STL data chart of mahogany furniture

        The scanned data is processed by three-dimensional software to form a three-dimensional model, which can be used in later production to help customers solve problems. Customers are very satisfied with the scanning process and the accuracy of the data obtained, and they are very approving of our equipment.

        STL data chart of mahogany furniture

        Mahogany furniture STL data details

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