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        1. Industry applications

          Blue and white porcelain 3D scanning、color 3D scanning、reverse design

          3D scan of blue and white porcelain vase

          A vase is a kind of utensil, mostly made of ceramic or glass, with a beautiful and smooth appearance. Ceramic vases are fragile items. Maintenance is mainly to prevent external damage. Vase manufacturers want to mass produce vases, shorten production time, and maintain supply in the market. The 3D scanning technology can be used to obtain the vase data, and the 3D printing technology is used for mass production in the later stage.

          Practical problems

          The scanned data is used in post-production, which requires high data accuracy and high degree of reduction. To avoid defects in post-production products, customers have high requirements for this. The scanning speed should also be fast to improve work efficiency and speed up production progress.

          Blue and white porcelain vase real shot

          The sample provided by the customer for the demonstration scan is in the shape of a blue and white porcelain cheongsam. The shape of the sample is uneven and similar to a person's standing posture. The bottle mouth has more details and more patterns.

          Blue and white porcelain vase STL data map

          Holon solutions

          The customer is not allowed to dust the stickers and wants to scan in color to restore the details of the pattern on the vase. Using our x-scan multi-function handheld color 3D scanner, real-time color scan rendering, high color reproduction, and without the need for spotting and dusting, fully automatic splicing, a wide range of applications, can be used for different sizes, materials Object scanning.

          Blue and white porcelain vase STL data map

          Blue and white porcelain vase color data chart

          The scanner is used to scan the sample in all directions. For details or places that are not easy to scan, supplementary scanning can be performed, which brings great convenience to scanning and reduces the inconvenience of rework and rescanning. Import the scanned high-precision data into 3D software for processing, and export the data format suitable for customers' needs. Customers are very satisfied with the effect of our demonstration. The scanned data is high, the degree of reduction is high, and the pattern display is complete. And no sticking or dusting will not affect the appearance and sales of the original sample.

          Blue and white porcelain vase color data chart

          Blue and white porcelain vase color data chart

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