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        1. Industry applications

          3D scanning of cars

          3D scanning of sightseeing car parts

          The customer wants to use 3D scanning technology to scan the parts of the sightseeing car to obtain the effect data, make improvements to the vehicles produced by all parties, increase their own advantages in the market, and attract more customers.

          Practical problems

          Customers need to obtain high-precision data of scanned parts. The overall surface of sightseeing car parts is irregular and uneven, and advanced measurement methods are required for accurate measurement. If the traditional detection method is used, the workflow is complicated, accurate measurement cannot be performed, and it takes a long time, which will consume manpower and reduce work efficiency.

          Scanning scene map of sightseeing car parts

          Hualang solutions

          Because the traditional measurement methods can not accurately solve the problem and get the effect the customer wants. Our engineer's solution is to use the handheld 3D scanner Drake. This scanner is extremely convenient, wireless scanning, built-in computer touch screen synchronous display, using Drake scanner to scan the DUT in all directions, you can check the scanning situation at the same time on the display screen, you can make up the scan in time, complete the scanning work in one time Work efficiency.

          Scanning scene map of sightseeing car parts


          STL data map of sightseeing car parts

          The scanning speed is fast, the capture ability is strong, and the scanning can be completed in a short time; the scanning data has high accuracy and good results. The scanned data is imported into the 3D data software for processing and analysis, and a high-accuracy data chart in the format desired by the customer is exported, which can be used for data comparison and later design applications. Customers recognize our engineering solutions, and the data obtained can meet customer needs and effectively help solve problems they face. The service solves the problem quickly and the customer is satisfied to cooperate with our company and purchase the equipment.

          STL data map of sightseeing car parts


          STL data map of sightseeing car parts

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