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        Industry applications

        3D scanning of cars

        3D scanning of RV interior space

        The continuous development of society has consolidated the development platform for the RV industry. Customers need to scan the space inside the RV to obtain high-precision data. The comfort of the RV space is very important. According to changes in living needs, corresponding improvements need to be made to meet the needs of the market.

        Practical problems

        The interior of the RV is large, similar to a space in a room. Customers need 3D scanning to get the spatial data inside the RV.

        RV space live scan

        Traditional three-dimensional scanners cannot perform spatial scanning, and the data collection density is not enough to accurately measure and fail to achieve the desired results.

        RV space live scan

        Holon solutions

        The RV has a large internal space and high customer data requirements. Our engineers use the handheld 3D scanner HOLON380 3D photogrammetry system 3DP. The work piece is pasted, then the three-dimensional photogrammetry system HL-3DP is used to shoot from different angles, and then the captured picture is imported into the photogrammetry software. The software will automatically calculate the overall frame point of the RV space based on the triangulation principle . Then use the handheld three-dimensional scanner 380 to perform a comprehensive scan of the interior space of the RV to obtain high-precision data. The scanning speed is fast and the time is short.

        RV space scan STL data map

        Import the acquired data into 3D software for processing to obtain higher accuracy data. The use of the two devices can correct the point cloud information of large-area curved surfaces, greatly improving the overall point cloud stitching accuracy and improving work efficiency. The obtained data meets the customer's requirements and can be used in later work.

        RV space scan STL data map

        RV space scan STL data map

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