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        1. Industry applications

          Engine connecting rod scanning

          Engine link 3D scanning

          A company in Chengdu needs to perform three-dimensional inspection on the connecting rods of automobile engines. The company uses three-dimensional scanners independently developed and produced by Hualang, and combines three-dimensional inspection engineering software to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of engine connecting rods. The overall data of the obtained starting link body is compared with the original CAD model for progressive data, and the actual data of the engine connecting rod is actually scanned to analyze whether the finished product is qualified.

          Practical problems

          1. The customer requests to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of the automobile engine connecting rod for detection. Because the engine connecting rod is small in volume and requires high precision, it brings great difficulty to the scanning work.

          Launch rod field scan

          2. Using the general measurement method (three coordinates, two elements, calipers, etc.), only a small part of the data of the engine engine connecting rod can be obtained, and the curved part can not be measured, resulting in incomplete data acquisition, and it is impossible to compare the quality of the automobile engine connecting rod. analysis.

          Launch rod field scan

          Holon solutions

          In response to customer needs, Hualang 3D technical engineers propose solutions:

          1. Quickly and accurately obtain 3D data using an industrial 3D scanner (HL-3DS+).

          Engine STL data chart

          2. Import the scanned 3D data into the reverse design software Geomagic Studio to convert the car engine linkage point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data.

          Engine STL data chart

          3. In conjunction with the 3D inspection software, the 3D data of the plastic parts can be imported into the detection software to quickly obtain the 3D inspection data of the engine engine connecting rod, and generate an intuitive and easy-to-understand detection graphic report to show the difference between the two. It can capture and reflect the shape and position deviation of the engine engine connecting rod surface.

          Engine STL data chart

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