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        Industry applications

        Mold scanning

        Mold three-dimensional scanning

        The mold has a specific contour or cavity shape. It needs to withstand the expansion force of the blank during production. It has high requirements on structural strength, stiffness, surface hardness, surface roughness and processing accuracy. The mold company determines product positioning and market positioning according to the market. In order to ensure the quality of the mold manufacturing, reduce the production cost, it is necessary to improve the quality of the mold design and shorten the mold design cycle.

        Practical problems

        Molds are precision tools and the shape is generally more complicated. The mold scanned for the customer has a complex surface with holes, and the hole is deep due to the thicker mold. There are protruding cylindrical components.

        Mold site scan

        When scanning with a conventional scanner, only the outline is displayed, but the hole depth cannot be scanned accurately, and the inside cannot be captured, which cannot satisfy the customer's needs. Customers find our company and want to use advanced 3D scanners to get solutions.

        Mold site scan

        Holon solutions

        Our engineers use the handheld 3D scanner 380 to perform a scanning demonstration based on the characteristics of the customer's workpiece. First, use 3 sets of cross-laser lines plus 1 additional laser line to scan the overall contour of the mold. Then you can switch to a single laser scanning mode to scan the deep hole position and capture the hole accurately. The scanner's stand-alone measurement accuracy of up to 0.03mm makes it easy to scan large and medium-sized objects without the need for a photogrammetric system.

        Mold STL data chart

        It is easy to operate, can be visualized in real time, and scans out data while the customer is in the process of using it. For the unsatisfactory scanning, the sweep can be saved in real time, saving the time of re-sweeping and improving work efficiency. Lightweight and portable, it takes up a small space. Don't vacate the place. It needs to be carried out conveniently. It is packed in exclusive boxes. The scanned data is imported into the 3D software for processing. The data has high precision, the processing details are satisfactory to the customer, the analysis report is easy to understand, the customer can intuitively understand the product needs to improve the problem, and it is very beneficial for the place to be used later, so the customer Very satisfied with our equipment.

        Mold STL data chart

        Mold STL data chart

        Mold STL data chart

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