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        Industry applications

        Car scanning

        Reverse design of automotive parts

        Auto parts are various units that make up the car as a whole and a product that serves the car. With the increasingly fierce competition in the auto parts processing market, the deepening of the environmental protection concept, and the continuous upgrading and application of technology, it is necessary to change and perfect at the same time. Customers want to use the scanner to detect parts, and later improve the design or reverse design to improve the drawings.

        Practical problems

        The overall structure of the parts is complex, each shape is different, some small components, uneven, open surface with deep grooves, irregular inner contours, easy to form dead angles, there is a certain difficulty in scanning work.

        Auto parts and accessories real shot map
        Using the conventional general scanner, the scanning angle and the small part consume a lot of time, and it is necessary to repeat the scanning and capturing. The accuracy of the data obtained by the last scanning is not high, and the good result is not shown, and the customer is not satisfied.

        Auto parts and accessories real shot map

        Holon solutions

        According to the scanning workpiece and the requirements, it was decided to use the handheld 3D scanner HOLON760 to scan. The HOLON760 light source is 7 sets of cross laser lines plus an additional laser line for a total of 15 laser lines, which can be switched to a single laser scanning mode to solve the workpiece angle. The problem of dead angle, and the equipment is easy to carry, easy to operate, save working time, and greatly improve work efficiency. Moreover, the device has the characteristics of fast scanning speed, high precision and strong stability.

        Auto parts STL data chart

        Scanning from different angles and positions, the overall scanning speed is fast, the accuracy of obtaining data is high, and the processing effect of the details is very good. The 3D data of the acquired parts is imported into the 3D inspection software for analysis and analysis, and the analysis report is easy to understand, and the customer feels very satisfied.

        Automotive parts reverse design


        Automotive parts reverse design


        Automotive parts reverse design

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