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        Industry applications

        3D scanning of cultural relics

        Buddha image 3D scanning

        The customer needs to scan the Buddha image for data, carry out original data preservation and comparative analysis, and improve the post production development.

        Practical problems

        The Buddha's head is small but has a lot of details. The facial features are clearly scanned, and the features of other parts are rich in texture. It is difficult to scan with high precision. Customers demand precise reproduction with color.

        Buddha image real shot

        Using a general scanner, scanning the overall large outline is relatively simple. If the details of the details are clearly presented, it is still difficult to achieve, and the color can not be completed, which is insufficient to meet the scanning requirements.

        Buddha image real shot

        Holon solutions

        Due to the detailed requirements of scanning accuracy, we decided to use the X-scan multi-function handheld color 3D scanner. It can quickly acquire the 3D data of the workpiece. The scanned Buddha image has no paste and powder processing, and can also be automatically spliced and scanned. It is especially suitable for scanning this workpiece without affecting the appearance of the workpiece. The equipment is easy to operate, easy to learn and understand, and saves manpower. And real-time color scanning rendering, high color reproduction, is a very good choice for the need for color reproduction scanning. Scanning Buddha images from various angles, the speed is extremely fast, the details are captured clearly, the color reproduction is high, and the data processing is fast. After seeing the data, the customer is very satisfied and meets the requirements.

        Buddha image scanning scene

        Buddha image STL data chart

        Buddha image STL data chart

        Buddha image color data map

        Buddha image color data map

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