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        Industry applications

        Bronze repair 3D scanning

        Bronze repair 3D scanning case

        The precious historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation has a very high artistic value. Customers want a 3D scanner for accurate artifact restoration and digital archiving.

        Practical problems

        After thousands of years of burial, bronze artifacts will be damaged by rust, loss, deformation and so on. Using the traditional measurement method, only part of the data of the bronze can be obtained. For some small textures, the amount of data acquired is incomplete, the three-dimensional digital model of the bronze can not be established, and even the artifacts may be damaged twice.

        Hualang solutions

        The traditional bronze artifact restoration methods can not accurately control the deformation accuracy, and can only be repaired by repeated processing, but the more the number of processing, the greater the possibility of secondary damage to cultural relics.

        Bronze object map

        Hualang 3D Scanner HL-3DS is a non-contact optical scanner with fast scanning speed and high precision. It is very suitable for scanning cultural relics. The scanning process is synchronized with the real-time on the computer, which is straightforward. The Hualang technical engineer used the scanner to quickly and accurately obtain the three-dimensional data of the bronze without damaging the cultural relics. Then through the reverse design software Geomagic Studio for post-processing, a precise bronze deformation and damage data is obtained, which provides a more scientific solution for cultural relics restoration.

        Bronze data map

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