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        Industry applications

        Shoe last design

        Shoe last design case

        Customers need to acquire 3D scanners, CAD modeling, 3D digital models through reverse software, and finally output CAD for CNC machine tools, rapid prototyping and other applications.

        Practical problems

        1. the traditional method of making shoe lasts from the production of the bottom plate, and then began to polish the blank, the first step of the rough grinding and then compare the sample shoes to compare the head shape, the back body depends on experience and data control. Can not meet the requirements of fast, batch production of shoe lasts.

        2. the traditional measurement method, the obtained shoe last data is limited and can not accurately express the three-dimensional data of the shoe last surface, can not carry out the reverse design in the later stage.

        Hualang solutions


        Shoe last scan site

        The customer needs to extract the 3D data from the existing shoe last through the handheld 3D scanner, CAD modeling through the reverse software, and obtain the 3D digital model, and re-establish the shoe last number model in the reverse software. Therefore, Hualang 3D technical engineers provide professional solutions - hand-held 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of shoe last) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert shoe last point cloud data to triangle Grid surface data) +Pro/E, UG and other mainstream design software for shoe last post processing to speed up the reverse design of the shoe last.


        Shoe point cloud data

        By using the hand-held 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M customized by Hualang 3D for the shoe mold industry, the shoe last digital technology is integrated with the CNC shoe machine to build a personalized shoe database to achieve foot scan and shoe last design. The production integration can modify the customized shoe last through the human-computer interaction interface according to the specific needs of the user, and meet the needs of the user in terms of size, comfort and sports physiology, and greatly shorten the opening design cycle of the footwear. Increased the competitiveness of the company and realized the mass production of shoe lasts.


        Shoe last STL data

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