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        Industry applications

        Shoe mold reverse design

        Shoe mold reverse design

        The Hualang 3D scanner can be used to quickly scan the shoe mold to obtain high-density three-dimensional scan data of the shoe mold and generate a digital pattern. Improve the production efficiency of shoe-making enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

        Practical problems

        1. The method of making traditional shoe molds is easy to cause the mold to be mismatched. Secondly, the pattern cannot be accurately drawn, thus affecting the mold time, the acceptance of the mold and the normal production.

        2. the traditional measurement method, the obtained shoe mold data is limited and can not accurately express the three-dimensional data of the shoe mold surface, can not carry out the reverse design and quality inspection.

        Hualang solutions

        The traditional method of making a shoe mold is easy to cause the mold to be mismatched, and the second is that the pattern cannot be accurately drawn, thereby affecting the time of the mold, the acceptance of the mold, and normal production. The 3D scanner can perform fast and accurate 3D scanning of the shoe mold, obtain high-precision 3D data, improve the design efficiency of the reverse designer, ensure the accuracy of the CAD design result, and provide the quality assurance of the mold opening work.


        Shoe mold real shot map

        In response to the problems faced by customers, Hualang 3D engineers proposed solutions for use: 3D scanner HL-3DX+ (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of shoe molds) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert shoe model point cloud data to triangle Mesh surface data) +Pro/E, UG and other mainstream design software for shoe mold post-processing, speeding up the reverse design of the shoe mold.


        Shoe model point cloud data

        The benefits of Hualang 3D integrated solution to the enterprise:

        1. Quickly establish a 3D model of the shoe mold to speed up the design process. Using the 3D scanner HL-3DX+, the shoe model can be quickly scanned in 3D, and the point cloud data of the object surface can be quickly obtained. After processing, the CAD 3D data model can be obtained, which allows the designer to easily design the shoe last and the sole.


        Shoe mold STL data

        2. quickly scan the shoe mold to obtain the parting line, color separation groove and film surface information, make perfect CAD data, produce qualified mold

        3. Customized footwear customization to meet the individual needs of consumers.

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