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        1. Industry applications

          Jade carving reverse design

          Jade carving reverse design

          Jade carving is one of the oldest sculptures in China, and there are many varieties of jade carvings. The customer hopes to obtain the three-dimensional data of the jade carving through the three-dimensional scanner, and cooperate with the jade carving machine to directly process the mass production of the jade carving.

          Practical problems

          1. During the production process, according to the natural color and natural shape of different jade materials, the craftsman can carefully make jade carving into exquisite handicrafts after careful design and repeated honing. This traditional handcrafting method then takes too long and there is a serious waste in the material. Moreover, the market demand for jade carving is very large, and traditional hand-made products often fail to meet market demand.

          2. The ordinary 3D scanner is difficult to obtain all the complete data in a short time, and the operation is time-consuming and laborious, which inevitably prolongs the working time.

          Hualang solutions

          There are many varieties of jade carvings, mainly including large-scale works such as figures, utensils, birds, beasts, flowers, etc. There are also small pieces such as pins, rings, seals, ornaments, etc. In addition to the rich character movements, there are many small patterns and patterns, so complicated. On the surface of the object, ordinary precision 3D scanners are difficult to obtain all the complete data in a short time, and the operation is time-consuming and laborious, which inevitably prolongs the working time.


          Jade Guanyin live real shot



          Jade carving scene real shot

          In response to the problems faced by customers, Hualang 3D engineers used the solution: 3D scanner HL-3DM to obtain 3D data of fine jade carvings. This data is more than enough to redesign jade carving or link engraving machine engraving. The 3D scanner HL-3DM is very good at sharp detailing, and the scanned data accuracy is 0.01MM.


          Jade Guanyin Point Cloud Data



          Jade carving point cloud data

          The staff can easily scan the jade carving and quickly obtain the complete 3D data of the jade carving, directly output the STL format data, and then import the engraving programming software to directly write the tool path. The productivity improvement brought by the new manufacturing solution is obvious. Using the 3D scanner HL-3DM with the jade carving machine instead of the previous hand-carving, not only can the crafts that you want to get quickly be produced, but also The jade carving master is extracted from the repeated trivial work for higher level polishing, creativity and other work, which not only improves the product output efficiency and cycle, but also further improves the quality of jade carving handicrafts and reduces excessive dependence on manual techniques. Reduce labor costs.


          Jade Guanyin STL data



          Jade Guanyin STL data

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