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        1. Industry applications

          Unicorn Kirin clay mass production

          Unicorn Kirin clay production plan

          A famous cultural company produced a unique unicorn unicorn clay sculpture. The company hopes to mass produce this clay sculpture and promote the local traditional handicraft culture.

          Practical problems

          1. Unicorn Kirin clay sculpture is a master of engraving. After seeing Hailufeng Qilin dance, it is inspired. After three months of time, it is carved from the image of the mind step by step, so this clay sculpture is unique.

          2. because the clay is very soft, not suitable for a wide range of movement, you need to take it lightly. There are many details of Kirin clay sculpture. The amount of data obtained by traditional measurement methods is insufficient, and it is impossible to obtain the complete three-dimensional data of Kirin clay.

          Hualang solutions

          The unicorn unicorn clay sculpture has been processed by the engraver for 3 months, and the production time is too long, which is not suitable for mass production. Simply speaking, clay molding has three processes, mud embryos - preliminary modifications - refinement. The cultural company hopes to save the previous steps and directly carry out the intensive work to achieve the purpose of mass production of the Unicorn Kirin clay.


          Unicorn Kirin Clay

          After learning about the specific situation, Hualang 3D technical engineer uses monocular 3D scanner HL-3DM (quickly acquires 3D data of Unicorn Kirin clay) + reverse engineering software Geomagic (automatically generate accurate triangulation of 3D data of Unicorn) Grid data) + design software (to make unicorn have different forms) + 3D printer (mass production of Kirin clay).

          Hualang 3D engineers use the monocular 3D scanner (HL-3DM) to obtain the data of the Unicorn Kirin clay in just 30 minutes, with an accuracy of 0.03mm, and even the Kirin hair can be clearly displayed. The customer will import the three-dimensional data of Kirin clay into the design software, transform the unicorn into different postures, and then print it out through the 3D printer. Finally, it will be mass-produced by the engraving master to achieve the purpose of promoting the local traditional craft culture.


          Unicorn Kirin clay point cloud data



          Unicorn Kirin clay point cloud data



          Unicorn Kirin clay STL data

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