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        1. Industry applications

          3D scanning of clothing hardware accessories

          Clothing hardware accessories 3D scanning case

          The model design of clothing hardware accessories is more complicated. A garment hardware accessory company in Guangdong hopes to use the 3D scanner to scan the clothing hardware accessories, and the scanned data is matched with the 3D printer to improve the production efficiency.

          Practical problems

          1. The clothing hardware accessories are relatively small, the precision of the scanning equipment is high, the curvature of the hardware parts is large, the curvature is high, and the features are many.

          2. In the process of scanning, the original defects of the object should be compensated for: if the surface is not smooth, the surface that is not full enough should take into account the actual situation of the processing, not only to ensure that there is no big change in appearance, but also to be able to be processed by the current equipment. come out.

          Hualang solutions

          Hualang 3D engineers provide solutions: use 3D scanner HL-3DM to quickly obtain 3D data of clothing hardware accessories, and combine reverse design software to convert clothing hardware accessories point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data, import Pro/E, UG After the post-processing in the mainstream design software, 3D printing can be directly performed to accelerate the secondary design and production efficiency of the clothing hardware accessories.

          Product sample → Data acquisition → Data processing CAD/CAE/CAM system → Model reconstruction → Manufacturing system → New product. Therefore, in the large market demand, more and more enterprises are involved in reverse engineering.


          Clothing hardware accessories physical map



          Clothing hardware accessories scanning site



          Clothing hardware accessories point cloud map



          Clothing hardware accessories STL figure



          Clothing hardware accessories STL figure



          Clothing hardware accessories STL figure

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