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        1. Industry applications

          Automotive mold parts comparison test

          Automotive mold parts comparison inspection program

          Hualang engineers use the precision 3D scanner HL-3DM to scan the product and build a 3D digital model file (CAD drawing) for retrofitting design and subsequent quality inspection and quality control.

          Practical problems

          The customer needs to test the angle, depth and spacing of the groove of the mold produced, and the requirements for accuracy are relatively high.

          Hualang solutions

          The customer needs to scan the molds produced to obtain three-dimensional data of the samples for detecting objects and reverse modeling.


          Automotive mold parts

          After learning the specific situation, Hualang engineers used the precision 3D scanner HL-3DM to collect sample data and post-point cloud data processing through Geomagic Studio software. The processed data import detection software can perform detailed analysis of the object features, such as hole position, contour, curvature, etc., while also capturing and reflecting the shape and position deviation of the profile. The traditional detection software can only make a simple deviation comparison between CAD data and scanned data. Geomagic Qualify inspection software automates the alignment of measurement data with CAD data for fast alignment and quality control.


          Automotive mold parts point cloud



          Automotive mold parts comparison test

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