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        1. Industry applications

          Business development of a famous motor factory

          A famous motor factory business development plan

          A famous motor manufacturing company specializes in the production of large and medium-sized, high and low voltage, AC and DC motors. It is a systemized power system that integrates motor design, manufacturing, electrical control, machining, mold, casting, transportation and other automation projects. Business.

          Practical problems

          1. The motor manufacturing company undertakes the custom-made motor parts business. Now it is back to the customer's production site to take the prototype, using the traditional measurement method to obtain the size data of the object, secondary design according to the data, and then production. Because of the long cycle and low efficiency of this method, it does not meet the production needs of the current market.

          2. Using the traditional measurement method, only the local data of the motor parts can be obtained. The surface and the large arc data cannot be measured, resulting in incomplete data acquisition, resulting in inaccurate drawing of the motor parts, high defect rate, and a lot of manpower wasted. , material resources, motor parts quality is not up to standard.

          Hualang solutions

          Based on the problems faced by the motor company, Hualang 3D technical engineer used the 3D scanner HL-3DX (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of motor parts) + reverse design software (accurate according to the 3D scanner) Three-dimensional data for secondary design) to accelerate the production process of motor parts.


          Motor parts on-site scanning and point cloud data

          The 3D scanner HL-3DX is compact and easy to bring to the production site. It takes only 10 minutes to get 3D data of complete motor parts with a scanning accuracy of 0.02mm. The 3D scanner acquires high-precision 3D data into the design software, reconstructs the motor accessory model according to the 3D data acquired by the 3D scanner, and converts the model into CAD data for processing. After adopting the solution provided by Hualang 3D technical engineer, the production efficiency of the motor parts is greatly improved, thereby solving the problem of motor parts modification and production quality inspection.


          Motor parts STL data

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