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        1. Industry applications

          Samsung vr glasses reverse design

          Samsung vr glasses reverse design case

          A well-known VR glasses manufacturer in China hopes to quickly acquire the original appearance data of Samsung VR glasses through the 3D scanner to make product packaging boxes and secondary design of later products, accelerate the development of new products and improve production efficiency.

          Practical problems

          1. Samsung VR glasses are complex in shape, with different contours on each surface, and more curved surfaces and dead corners. The use of other testing equipment may result in incomplete 3D data acquisition and cannot meet customer needs.

          2. the use of traditional measurement methods (such as inspection tools, fixtures, three coordinates, etc.) is very cumbersome and time consuming. Moreover, it is not easy to accurately and quickly measure and detect the structural appearance data of VR glasses, and it is not conducive to later product development.

          Hualang solutions

          According to the customer's problems and scanning needs. Hualang 3D engineers provide professional solutions: using the camera-type 3D scanner HL-3DX (quickly acquiring high-precision 3D data of VR glasses) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (converting VR glasses point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data) ) Assisting the company in the production of VR glasses product packaging boxes to meet customer needs and solve the problems faced by customers.


          Samsung VR glasses scanning scene physical map



          Samsung VR glasses STL data map



          Samsung VR glasses STL data map



          Samsung VR glasses STL data map

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