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        1. Industry applications

          Toyota pickup truck compartment reverse

          Toyota pickup truck compartment reverse case

          Toyota Motor Corporation used the Hualang 3D scanner HL-3DW to obtain the 3D data of the pickup truck for reverse design, and mass-produced the pickup truck with a size of 2*2 meters.

          Practical problems

          1. It is necessary to carry out fast three-dimensional measurement and acquisition of three-dimensional digital model for the pickup truck. However, the surface of the vehicle is many and complicated. In addition to improving the measurement efficiency, the measurement time is greatly shortened, and the measurement accuracy is also well controlled. The global measurement accuracy is required to be within 0.1 mm.

          2. For the measurement efficiency proposed by the automobile company, the traditional gantry type CMM not only has high equipment cost, but also can only obtain part of the data of the pickup truck. It can not measure the surface and the part with large slope, resulting in the amount of data acquired. Incomplete, it is impossible to carry out the secondary design of the pickup truck.

          Hualang solutions


          Toyota pickup truck on-site scanning

          Toyota Motor Corporation needed to open the mold to produce 2*2 meters of pickup trucks. After learning that the 3D scanner can acquire the 3D data, it is necessary to scan the pickup truck for nearly 11 hours by knowing to cooperate with a copying company to scan the pickup truck, and the precision is 0.7mm. During the scanning of the pickup compartment, due to the insufficient scanning format and the instability of the 3D scanner, the data is repeatedly spliced many times, and finally the data is deformed and spliced.

          1. Preparation in the early stage:
          Spraying the developer: Improve the background color contrast of the sample surface for better scan data.

          Paste mark points: Make the acquired data be positioned and stitched in the scanning software.


          Pickup truck pre-scan

          2. 3D scanning:

          Through a friend's introduction, I learned that Hualang 3D developed a large-format car-specific 3D scanner HL-3DW, and commissioned Hualang 3D to scan the pickup truck. After learning about the specific situation, Hualang 3D engineers use a 3D scanner (HL-3DW), which has a fast scanning speed and a scanning depth of field of up to 1200 mm. The whole scanning process is very stable. It took only 2 hours and the data accuracy of the pickup truck was 0.1mm. The acquired pickup truck data is imported into the reverse design software Geomagic Studio, which converts the pickup truck point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data, and is imported into Pro/E, UG and other mainstream reverse software for post processing to accelerate the secondary design of the car seat. Provide reliable parameters to other relevant departments to ensure that the design results fully meet the production requirements and accelerate the production of pickup trucks.


          Leather truck scanning scene



          Pickup truck point cloud data



          Pickup truck point cloud data



          Pickup truck STL data



          Pickup truck STL data

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