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        1. Industry applications

          Reverse design of car mat

          Car mat reverse design case

          Using Hualang handheld 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M combined with reverse design technology to carry out data acquisition and 3D surface reconstruction of existing car mats, and obtain 3D data for modeling and subsequent design operations, such as car feet Rapid prototyping, appearance quality inspection and other applications.

          Practical problems

          1. The pedal area of each model is different and the design is very large. The conventional measurement method takes a long time, and the amount of data acquired is insufficient, and it is difficult to support the subsequent design and detection of the automobile foot pad.

          2. It is required to scan the foot pads in the real car. The space inside the car is relatively small, and the traditional measurement method cannot be operated.

          Hualang solutions


          Car mat scanning scene

          The company is preparing to process and produce automotive interior moulds for development needs. For the production of car mats, the company's original data acquisition method is to manually enter the car for data collection, this method is inefficient, and the accuracy of obtaining data is not high, so the tread mat produced by the traditional process is placed on the tread. There will be a large gap at the foot, and the safety of the brake action will be affected by the activity of the foot pad during the driving process.


          Car mat point cloud data

          In response to the situation faced by the company, Hualang 3D engineers used the handheld 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M to obtain car mat data information and improve the efficiency and accuracy of 3D data acquisition. The handheld 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M features small size, light weight, easy operation, fast scanning and no need for external AC power. It can penetrate the small space in the car, and quickly and accurately obtain the 3D data information of the car mat. It only takes 10 minutes and the data precision reaches 0.05. Reverse design software Geomagic Studio (converts car mat point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data), and will get the 3D data of car mats into Pro/E, UG and other mainstream reverse software for post processing, speed up the car seat The secondary design of the chair provides reliable parameters to other relevant departments, ensuring that the design results fully meet the production requirements and speeding up the production of the car mat.


          Car mat STL data



          Car mat contour

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