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        1. Industry applications

          Reverse design of car dashboard

          Reverse design case of car dashboard

          The automobile instrument panel is an important part of the automotive interior parts. It uses the Hualang 3D scanner HL-3DS and combines the reverse design technology to collect data and reconstruct the 3D surface of the existing vehicle dashboard. According to the obtained 3D data of the vehicle dashboard Perform a secondary design.

          Practical problems

          1. Simply using traditional detection methods (such as inspection tools, fixtures, and three coordinates) is very cumbersome and time consuming. The amount of data generated by the dashboard of the car is incomplete, and the quality inspection and secondary design of the car dashboard cannot be performed.

          2. need to quickly obtain the three-dimensional digital model of the car dashboard, but the car dashboard surface is complex, there are many holes to match the car instrument, high precision requirements.

          Hualang solutions


          Car dashboard

          The traditional car dashboard design is carried out simultaneously with the instrument design. The three-dimensional model of the vehicle assembly is completed. After the different molds are completed, the test and assembly are carried out. This process requires the instrument panel and the instrument to cooperate, that is, there are two The identified factors increase the modification cycle and manufacturing costs. For the problems faced by customers, Hualang 3D engineers proposed solutions: 3D scanner HL-3DS (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of car dashboard) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert car dashboard cloud data to Triangular mesh data) +Pro/E, UG and other mainstream design software for post-processing, speeding up the secondary design of the car dashboard.

          1. Preparation in the early stage:
          Spraying the developer: Improve the background color contrast of the sample surface for better scan data.
          Paste mark points: Make the acquired data be positioned and stitched in the scanning software.

          2. 3D scanning:

          Hualang 3D engineers use the 3D scanner HL-3DS to quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of car dashboards. The 3D scanner (HL-3DS) adopts extrapolation multi-frequency phase shift grating technology and automatic splicing technology. The scanning speed is fast. It takes only 30 minutes to obtain the three-dimensional data of the car dashboard, and the data precision is up to 0.03mm. Using the acquired three-dimensional data of the car dashboard, it is imported into Pro/E, UG and other mainstream reverse software for post-processing, speeding up the secondary design of the car dashboard, providing reliable parameters to other relevant departments, and accelerating the production of the car dashboard.


          Car dashboard point cloud data



          Car dashboard STL data

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