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        1. Industry applications

          Handheld scanner auto parts scanning

          Handheld Scanner Auto Parts Scanning Case

          Due to the conditions, the parts cannot be disassembled and can only be scanned directly in the car. As the first manufacturer in China to develop and produce handheld laser 3D scanners, Hualang not only has a powerful scanning environment, but also has simple operation and can reach industrial-grade high-precision standards.

          Practical problems

          The two sheet metal parts are firmly fixed in the engine compartment of the car, and the purpose is to measure the installation position, so it is not convenient to disassemble. Although the camera scanner can be scanned by raising the triangle bracket, it is troublesome to scan due to too many dead angles.

          The shape of the auto parts is complicated, and there are many holes. It is an object with high scanning difficulty and high precision. The ordinary scanner on the market cannot obtain high-precision data.

          Hualang solutions

          Hualang engineers scan automotive sheet metal parts for SAIC

          The HL-3DH-3M is a handheld 3D scanner developed by the Hualang technical team for easy scanning. It adopts laser light source and has its own photogrammetry function. The scanning process is also freely available. It is not limited by scanning speed and scanning sequence. At the same time, it is light in weight and small in size. It is equipped with DC power supply and special air box, which is very convenient to carry. The other end of the scanner is connected to the computer, and with the patented software of Hualang, the data is transmitted in real time and automatically spliced. In less than 20 minutes, the sheet metal parts on the left and right sides of the car engine compartment have been scanned, and a 1:1 high-precision STL data can be obtained after a simple process. If you compare 3D data with digital models, you can also generate an intuitive 3D inspection report.

          Laser handheld scanner scanning scene


          Front bumper support point cloud data


          Car front bumper supports STL data


          Auto parts scanning site

          The figure shows a precision casting of Dongfeng Motor. The shape of the object is complex and there are many holes. If manual measurement is used, the efficiency will be very low and the precision will be poor. The finished product has the risk of being reworked. According to the customer's needs, Hualang engineers recommend using the handheld laser 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M. After the quick scan, the data is imported into the 3D reverse software (Geomagic) for processing, and the processed data is imported into Pro/E, UG. In the mainstream design software, the speed of mold development can be accelerated with high quality, and the customer's urgent needs can be successfully solved.

          Auto parts 3D data

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